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Publisher's Letter

This Fall, Make It A Point To Enjoy Jupiter’s Great Outdoors

I’m not a city girl. Rather, I consider myself more of a beach bum. I was born two miles from the coast and for most of my life, a strong gravitational pull has kept me within the same distance from the eastern seaboard. Being near the ocean soothes my soul and renews my spirit. It’s my home base. It keeps me grounded and offers a perspective like no other. Being in such vast nature ignites all the sens-es and as they say, it’s cheaper than therapy. Nature, in all its magnitude, will never disappoint.

November’s “The Great Outdoors” issue is just what you need: a breath of fresh air, timed just as the air grows cooler and meant to inspire you to venture outside and take advantage of all South Florida has to offer during this time of year. Venturing Into The Great Outdoors, our guide to outdoor attractions, will have you hiking, biking, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, kayaking, frol-icking and interacting with more than 1,000 species of ani-mals right in your own backyard. We spend enough time at work, in front of computer screens and in the boardroom, so balance that with time spent appreciating the God-given na-ture all around us—that crimson morning sunrise over Palm Beach, that stroll down Flagler Drive on the waterfront, the view from the Jupiter Lighthouse, or the walk among deer and peacocks in Riverbend Park. John Muir said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” Seek and ye shall find! 

Erika Strimer thought she was seeking fulfillment in her dream corporate career until fate intervened. By ditching her lucrative 9-to-5 job, she has found her calling by combin-ing nature with fitness to create an outdoor movement, a “Total Movement.” Her West Palm Beach-based boot camp by that name is all about empowering the community she loves by creating strong, successful members who feel bet-ter connected to themselves and nature. Members don’t just get a workout, they get an experience whereby everyone is supported and encouraged to reach their own personal goals while breathing in some fresh air at the same time. “I don’t train people, I change people,” she says of her philosophy and mission, and she’s never been happier. Strimer epitomizes a saying I have taped to my wall “I don’t do it for the income, I do it for the outcome,” reminding me it’s never about the money; it’s about the people, the process and the end result.

Peanuts, popcorn and crackerjacks! What better way to get outdoors than to enjoy America’s favorite pastime? And with the arrival of the new Ballpark of The Palm Beaches this spring, the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast will have five major league baseball teams calling us home. When spring training welcomes the Houston Astros and Washington Na-tionals, fans can ballpark-hop without having to road trip to Florida’s West Coast. With three major ballfields in close proximity (including Roger Dean Stadium and Tradition Field), we’ve secured Southeast Florida as a baseball mecca to the tune of a $125 million economic impact. Bring the family to one of our ballparks and soak up the sunshine on the grassy berm, or reserve an air-conditioned suite or party deck for your company or group. Also, be on the lookout for concerts and festivals to be held at these venues throughout the year. From now until May, the weather will be the perfect accoutrement for enjoying the great outdoors, so don your sunscreen and take it alfresco!