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Health Check

No diet soda – check. No skim milk – check. (It has a higher sugar content; drink 2 percent instead.) Eat nuts – check; keep blood pressure and cholesterol down – check; exercise – check; drink green tea with raw honey – check. Baby aspirin for anyone older than 40 – I now carry it in my purse. No email or electronics after 9 p.m. – well, I’m woring on that.

After conducting my own Dr. Oz health quiz, I was pleased to find out I was already practicing a generally healthy lifestyle because according to Dr. Oz, we control 70 percent of how long and how well we will live. That’s a powerful statistic, putting us primarily in the driver’s seat, and I was glad to have Dr. Oz, “America’s Doctor,” as my co-pilot March 29 when he and his wife, Lisa, headlined the WPBF 25 Health & Wellness Festival at The Gardens Mall. Thanks to WPBF 25, our team was granted exclusive access to Dr. Oz and Lisa, whose family has been a part of the Palm Beaches for more than 80 years, in order to bring our readers valuable medical advice from one of the nation’s most trusted sources in this annual medical issue.

The Ozes love South Florida and its health-conscious residents. They love the essence of the Palm Beaches – the emotional and spiritual beauty – and as Dr. Oz says, they love it here because it’s a “joyful place.” He mentioned how lucky we were to live in such a naturally beautiful utopia, a place we residents sometimes take for granted, especially our picturesque beaches and coastal waterways. But like the health of our body and minds, the health of our shorelines is critical to our region’s economic survival. So, in “If Our Shorelines Could Talk,” we examine the well-being of our shorelines, and our role in helping to protect them, so that we can all continue to enjoy their beauty as well as their bounty.

With the bounty of Top Docs in our area, Dr. Oz is in good company! The 2014 Castle Connolly list of Top Docs, some of the best doctors in various specialties, provides a sampling of our renowned medical professionals and provides a valuable resource right at your fingertips so you, too, can be proactive and take a preemptive strike at medical maladies.

We are also fortunate to have some world-class scientists in our biomedical community, so we reached out to them to find out more about the most important part of our anatomy – our brains. If you’re like me, you might find yourself forgetting names more frequently, maybe words aren’t coming to mind as fast as they used to, and you’re not able to recall phone numbers (blame technology for that). So, I was curious to hear what the experts suggest to increase cognitive aptitude. I’m happy to learn that adults still have the capacity to increase cognitive abilities by exercising our brains. The brain forms new connections every time you apply yourself and learn something new, so take a new class, learn a new language, drive a different route home, or better yet – do as Dr. Oz does and dance!