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Publisher's Letter

High on Summertime

“Women of Power” – featuring 21 
local female role models – proves you can succeed at anything you set your mind to and that you really can have it all, and more.

Are we there yet? I’m bored! How much longer? My battery died!

Does this bring back memories of summer road trips – those vacations you plan and save long and hard for, only to start with complaints and mishaps that derail your idyllic vision of rest and relaxation? With family in North Florida and a lake house in North Carolina, we take our fair share of road trips and have some funny memories to show for them (some only funny way after the fact). Like the time I decided to try out Pull-Ups on our toddler during a road trip, only to have a completely soaked car seat one hour into the trip. Or the time my husband took him up on the concrete ramp of an overpass to pee and they had to slide back down while passers-by honked (I got that one on camera!). Or when we discovered our Yorkie gets carsick after comfortably positioning him on my pillow in my lap! Oh, the joys of traveling.

Now that our son is almost 12 and we give our dog “doggie downers,” road trips are actually enjoyable. Sometimes it’s the only downtime I get to enjoy a good book or catch up on a magazine article. If road trips are in your summer plans, check out “The Open Road” for seven Florida weekend trips that will have you enjoying a slice of paradise before the kids can say “Mommy, I have to pee again!” Whether you are looking to shop, dine, jet set or just relax at the beach, we have the perfect getaway, including some amazing and affordable staycation options that will have you poolside with a cocktail (I highly recommend the Cucumber 75 at Eau Palm Beach) before the kids can ask “Where are we going?”

If this summer has you pondering what to do with the rest of your life, we have just the inspiration. Our “Women of Power” – featuring 21 local female role models – proves you can succeed at anything you set your mind to and that you really can have it all, and more. These extraordinary women, of all ages, are not only successful, but self-made, self-sufficient, and have made a significant impact on their respective industries as well as our communities. They are passionate about their careers, priding themselves in a job well done, sometimes a job that is seldom pioneered by women. Because women are great multi-taskers, it comes as no surprise that in addition to their careers, they sit on numerous boards and committees, have donated countless hours to worthy causes and some have even founded their own charities. They are women who are making a difference and empowering other women to follow their lead. That’s what makes them powerful in our book. Consider it our “Take Your Daughter to Work” lesson!

Summer is a great time to slow down … or ramp up. Start (or finish) that book, that degree, that home remodeling project you’ve been putting off for years (more on that later), or just enjoy all the Palm Beaches have to offer, sans crowds. Enjoy the summer and we’ll see you in late September with the new October issue!