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Publisher's Letter

From Outdoor Entertaining To Interior Design Tips, Our March Issue Focuses On All Things Home

Anyone who knows me knows I love entertaining outdoors. To me, it feels more like an occasion, like you’re at an actual venue. It provides for a more casual, comfortable congregation that doesn’t revolve around people standing around your kitchen island. And with the weather we’re blessed with, it’s an open invitation. There’s been a shift in how people gather, how people seek entertainment, especially in South Florida, where a calendar filled with charity balls, luncheons and fundraisers rarely leaves time to throw your own fête, and deal with the clean up afterwards. Plus technology has changed the way people communicate and stay in touch. We email, text, tweet and post photos on social media, but are we really engaging on a personal level and spending intimate time together? Hosting a party and inviting guests into your inner sanctuary is a selfless act, as our homes are an extension of who we are and what we love. Long gone are the days of the formal dinner parties, so why not throw a garden party? With the right setting, you can turn any occasion into a reason to have an alfresco party, especially now that spring has sprung and that sweet spot between sporadic cold fronts and sizzling summers offers ideal weather and inspiration.

Complete with all the tropical trimmings, our garden party took place on a gorgeous spring-like day and whisked guests away to the tropics with our coastal vibe set against lush landscaping and a sea of blues and whites. Every detail was carefully curated—from the Caribbean cuisine to the tantalizing tablescape and creative cocktails. Using mostly items procured locally in the Palm Beaches, we executed a tropical garden party worthy of the paradise we live in. Enjoy “Planning the Perfect Party, Garden Style” and start planning your own outdoor gathering.

In “Creating a Happy Place," six local interior designers opened their homes and invited us into their inner sanctum to share their favorite rooms. From a bright, airy kitchen to an intimate master bedroom, a guest room that also serves as a “relaxation room,” or a great room that functions as three rooms, these rooms all have one thing in common: they’re indicative of the unique individuals who inhabit them. The beauty of interior design is subjective, reflective of your personality, complexities, travels, mood and phase of life. For most, it’s a work in progress, a journey that never ends—an evolution—so embrace it.

Experts agree you should surround yourself with things you love, so don’t negate your master bathroom. Instead luxuriate. Indulge yourself with a huge soaker tub, fancy fixtures, spa-like specialties like a steam shower, deluxe shower heads, opulent vanities and amazing accessories. In “Bathing Beauties,” we elevate the washroom to new heights and offer luxe looks for every design style.

So open up your home and surround yourself with what matters most—the people you love!