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Publisher's Letter

Palm Beach County Is Filled With Talented Artists—And Plenty Of Things You Probably Didn't Know About

I’ve never had much of an artistic side. I’m awful at Pictionary—my drawings look like a Kindergartner’s and I have no idea how to make anything 3-D on paper or canvas. I can barely make an object 3-D with clay!

I credit that to being left-brained—I’m much better at analytical tasks and reasoning. I’m rational, practical, logical. I like order and will plan months in advance. My only creative endeavor is to “see” into the future (well, to analyze all potential outcomes anyway), which is why I am in awe of creative types—artists who can elicit emotion without words, evoke our senses and allow us to go on an experiential journey with them. As Eugene Ionesco says, “A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind.”

In this issue, we share local artists’ talents, and I predict (see, I’m planning ahead) you’ll be inspired by their creativity, influenced by their uninhibited self-expression and appreciative of their unique gifts. We’ll take you on an actual journey of art strolls through some of the area’s art districts, including Northwood Village, PGA Commons, Antique Row, Worth Avenue and Jupiter, proving Palm Beach County is a haven for artists and art enthusiasts. You’re sure to find a genre you’re drawn to from the variety of formats including fine art, pop art, wildlife art, sculptures, glass art, photography, digital art, murals and even chalk art. Be sure to check out our list of art shows and festivals you won’t want to miss this season.

Did you know our 1.3 million Palm Beach County residents can enjoy more than 50 miles of pristine coastline, 81 parks, 160 golf courses, 1,000 tennis courts, 200 cultural organizations, more than 20 offshore reefs, countless celebrity sightings, numerous billionaires … and a few ghosts? The Palm Beaches are teeming with culture, year-round sports, unique ecosystems, mega mansions, magnificent weather and colorful people, providing no shortage of fodder and fun factoids you may not have been aware of. Check out “45 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Palm Beach County."

We hope you take this art issue to heart, as art improves interactions between both hemispheres of the brain, enhancing psychological resilience, intuition, introspection, self-expression and appreciation of all aesthetics—in other words, it makes you a better, more balanced-brained person. So, I’m off to mold some clay into something someone can recognize!