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Publisher's Letter

In Palm Beach, Well-Dressed Men Never Go Out Of Style

Seated across the table from me at Café Europe in Palm Beach is my father. On his first trip down to visit me years ago, he makes a fleeting attempt to maintain eye contact with me every few minutes, but it’s apparent I am to play second fiddle to the parade of Palm Beach panache all night. You see, he has the perfect view of the well-heeled, well-dressed couples entering the posh establishment and their equally sleek, stylish cars being valeted outside. He’s caught in a mesmerizing menagerie of style that is synonymous with the Palm Beaches, and it’s like watching a spectator at a tennis match.

Style here is innate and inescapable because living in America’s premier playground requires us to adhere to a certain dress code—and we’re not talking about the preppy uniform of Palm Beach past. Today’s men aren’t sporting sweaters tied over their shoulders, they are more daring and colorful, and nonchalantly refined.

Every July, we showcase the extraordinary people of the Palm Beaches, and this year it’s raining men—18 of the most stylish men who know the value of looking their best, because after all, the clothes make the man (although arguably, each of our chosen men would stand out with just their professional accolades). It’s hard not to be stylish when living in the Palm Beaches amid a backdrop of gorgeous architecture, iconic venues, fashionable affairs and nature’s colorful bounty. It’s a place where one’s closet (and office) has to be well stocked for a myriad of events—from business meetings to balls, dashing dinner parties to divot stomping at Sunday polo. Whether you have a signature style that has spanned decades or a progressive one that has evolved over time, your style reflects your personality, communicates your attitude and conveys your genuine self. Regardless of what has influenced your personal panache and shaped your current look, these 18 men will inspire you to wear something bold, risky or hip. If only for the sheer self-expression and pleasure of it, each of these gentleman concur that it’s best to wear what makes you feel comfortable and authentic, because that’s when your real confidence shines through. To add to their impressive suggestions, we’ve compiled “The Ultimate Men’s Gift Guide” (page 129) with products, accessories and gadgets for every type of gent.

The Palm Beaches really is paradise, so why travel far this summer? In “At Home in Paradise” (page 82), we showcase 10 local renowned resorts that will make you think you’ve flown across the country for your vacation, but without all the hassle. Whether you’re looking for a girls’ weekend, golf with the guys or a laid-back, lazy Old Florida vacation, we have you covered. Sometimes a “staycation” is the best vacation of all. Enjoy your summer wherever you’re reading this issue—in print, tablet or online, and we’ll see you back in late September with our October Conservation Issue, which will include the annual Charity Datebook.