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Publisher's Letter

Publisher Donna Lewis Notes The October Issue Will Be Your Events-Planning Tool All Year Long

Parties and galas and balls, oh my! With cooler temperatures come packed social calendars, but don't let October and the upcoming event season scare you.

As the premiere multimedia lifestyle brand in the Palm Beaches, we sponsor more than 35 events each season and keep our finger on the pulse of the thriving social scene. We walk the red carpet, sip the finest Champagne, enjoy performances, fashion shows, luncheons, auctions, and even don crazy costumes and go fishing for our favorite charities and causes, and we know a “wild” party when we see one! We also help you prioritize your calendar with our list of the “Top 10 Events of the Season,” along with a few more we suggest you keep your eye on. The annual Charity Datebook, featured in this issue, is the ultimate save-the-date guide for the upcoming season, with a comprehensive resource of tri-county charities and their main fundraising events. Keep it handy in print, tablet or online as the ultimate year-long planning tool.

One thing considered universally scary is sharks, and we take you into the deep with local experts to debunk some of the myths about these fearsome yet fascinating animals in “Swimming with Sharks.” As one of the oldest living creatures on the planet, sharks are an extremely intelligent, evolved species and are as prevalent as bow ties and ball gowns in South Florida. Like tourists migrating south to bask on our beaches, we coexist with tens of thousands of migrating sharks every year, right off our coasts. These evolutionary marvels, which are a vital component to our ecosystem and thus need protection, could also prove to be medicinal study subjects for humans. Marine biologist and National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen has captured some amazing images of sharks on our coasts and will speak at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center's Go Blue Awards Luncheon on Oct. 28 to discuss conservation issues and how to make changes locally.

While tourists seek out our beautiful beaches, boaters are seeking our in-demand Intracoastal Waterway for destination marinas as well as jumping-off points for other Caribbean destinations, allowing the marina industry to thrive. From the serious yachter to the weekend cruiser, we have a marina for every size and need, complete with alluring onsite amenities and offsite entertainment in the form of local restaurants, nightlife and downtown hubs. See “Tying Up in Style” to see how we make the most of our precious waterfront resources to the tune of $11.5 billion. If you're fortunate enough to own a boat and are looking to make a difference with your vessel, look no further than the Freedom Waters Foundation, a local organization that offers therapeutic water-related experiences to children suffering from cancer or special needs as well as veterans.

Whether this issue inspires you to make a difference, attend more charitable events or engage in all the season has to offer, get ready—season is upon us!