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Publisher's Letter

Publisher's Letter: Exploring the Palm Beaches

Having just returned from vacationing in Northern California, I spent countless hours researching the best things to do in each city to assure we were hitting all the “bests” in the limited time we had. That’s part of the excitement of vacating, after all, and often the planning occupies more hours than the actual vacation! That’s why I love it when we do guides—it reminds me of the wonderful activities, restaurants, cultural amenities and opportunities that abound in Palm Beach County.

It’s easy to adopt this “been there, done that” attitude in your hometown, because it’s not regarded with the same fleetingness or newness, and we forget what’s right here in our own backyard. From art to zoos, we have it all outlined for you in “The Palm Beaches A to Z” on page 44, providing you with plenty of inspiration after your summer ventures, and taking you through the upcoming season.

Attend a charity event, ballgame, concert, play or polo match, or plan a girls’ weekend or perfect date night using our suggestions. After all, we live here for a reason, so play tourist, see things in a new light and adopt the mindset of discovery in your own hometown.

One of the biggest toys in our backyard is the infamous Mar-a-Lago. Some have never seen it in person, and most haven’t heard the tale of its not-so-humble beginnings from an insider, so “Mar-a-Lago and Me” on page 38 is a treat for us all.

Recounting her childhood there, our writer, the step-granddaughter of Marjorie Merriweather Post, takes us into the psyche of her famous relative, the heir of the Post cereal fame. Not to be outdone by other well-heeled socialites of her time, Post sought the most impressive piece of property in Palm Beach and conceptualized with two architects to build the second largest mansion in Florida.

Spanish for “sea to lake,” Mar-a-Lago extends the entire width of Palm Beach from the Atlantic Ocean to the Intracoastal Waterway. Her procurement of materials for the massive project is both imaginative and shocking, as is the grandeur of this iconic estate, now a well-known club and household name as the Winter White House.

The summer might be over, but the ongoing job of policing your child’s screen time isn’t. While we all know it impacts their social development, sleep patterns, self-esteem, weight and fitness, the debate of how much is too much in order to raise healthy, balanced kids in an era of electronics rages on. Some local parents weigh in on rules and restrictions for helping kids disconnect and encouraging parents to connect. Their advice: explore the digital world together and set up a family media plan that works for you.

I hope you use this issue to explore the Palm Beaches and remember what you love about our little slice of paradise.