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Publisher's Letter: Home is where the Art is

I admit I’m not much of an artsy person, although I do enjoy a creative outlet and reprieve from my typical left-brained existence. I’m in awe over artistic types and the unique creations that come from their inventive imaginations, whether it’s paintings, photography, sculptures or other abstract art forms. Art sets the tone of the room, creating a sophisticated sanctuary, a vintage vibe, a relaxing retreat, or a playful haven. Art personalizes your space and showcases your individuality. In this December Arts & Entertaining issue, we offer a crash course on adult arts education and the collection of fine art. The Palm Beaches are filled with incredible art galleries to educate you on your options, assist you in your purchases and reduce possible buyers’ remorse. And like any investment, the value of art (as well as the artist), can fluctuate, so take it from the experts: buy what you love and what will bring you joy every time you see it. Art takes center stage in our home tour on page 62, where a former Mediterranean-style home was transformed into a contemporary modern marvel. Designer Lori Feller intentionally kept the palette monochromatic with copious use of soothing whites and grays that commanded the art provide panache, pop and personality.

Laura Zele, Tanya Lorigan and Donna Lewis
Laura Zele, Tanya Lorigan and Donna Lewis in their wearable art by Kristen Alyce

December is all about celebrating and indulging in the sheer pleasures of life, not the least of which is food! Managing Editor Alyssa Morlacci went a little wild in her “fantasy kitchen”, sourcing six local renowned chefs and mixologists to curate the ultimate “Dream Dinner Party,” melding influences of New England, North Carolina and even Italy, to bring you an eclectic nontraditional holiday feast. Serving up creative fare such as latke fries, duck hash, struffoli and Seafood Newberg, accompanied by a cheerful crimson cocktail, and punctuated with the perfect pecan pie (as a Southerner, it wouldn’t be the holidays without pecan pie), this is not your typical turkey dinner! I hope this inspires some creative cooking in your kitchen this holiday season and transports you back in time to the smells and tastes of your childhood, whatever that may be.

Fashion is wearable art, and comes with a price—a rather hefty price if couture is your cup of tea. That’s where consignment stores come into play, offering pre-owned designer duds at a fraction of the original cost. South Florida is a gold mine for pre-owned treasures from all eras, including brand name new and vintage clothing and accessories, to coveted antiques and furnishings from distinguished manufacturers. It’s like treasure hunting, or like shopping in someone else’s couture closet! The $17.5 billion industry shows no signs of wear, epitomizing the recycle/reuse trend, and this environmentally friendly way to shop is also friendly to your wallet. Like art, you need to do your research and know the value and the circa before investing, but ultimately, buy what you love.