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Publisher's Letter

Publisher's Letter: Living to Serve

In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian’s destruction to parts of the Bahamas, and what some are calling the longest siege of violent, destructive weather unleashed on a single location, it’s touching to see the outpouring of support and humanitarian efforts being offered. South Florida has rallied and come to the rescue, offering everything from basic supplies to aiding in major relief efforts, to hosting Bahamians who have fled their ravaged islands. Certainly, this hurricane hit close to home. Knowing the Category 5 monster could have easily not made the turn to the north and just as easily wreaked havoc on us, we sympathize and relate to their plight and mobilize to help. But it’s no surprise, as this altruism is engrained in our way of life, in the very fabric of the Palm Beaches’ culture.

In this issue, we showcase a few unsung heroes selflessly serving others while simultaneously rewriting someone’s life story.  We’re thankful for these, and all the many unsung heroes, tirelessly working to make the Palm Beaches a better place, and we hope their altruism will inspire you to work for a cause you believe in. If you’re looking to align yourself with a worthy charity, look no further than these pages to find a plethora of non-profits that need your help. With our annual Charity Datebook, a compilation of tri-county charities and their fundraising events for the year, you’re sure to find a place where you belong, where your heart and soul connect, and where you can make a difference. Don’t forget each issue can be viewed digitally, so if you don’t have your hard copy, go to our websites or digital editions to reference any content.

Synchronized swimming is back with a vengeance. Already making a splash at the Hollywood pool party circuit, the Aqualillies—an aquatic synchronized performance group—have been stealing the spotlight at celebrity events for almost a decade.  This bevy of beauties has performed in music videos, TV shows, ad campaigns, launch parties and has even been hired for weddings. Working in perfect harmony, the water squad combines the athleticism of professional athletes with the grace of ballet dancers to execute flawless pool performances. We caught up with some of South Florida’s ‘Lillies as they don hot fashions for our even hotter tropical climate in Sartorial Swim on page 38.

We’re excited to be back for yet another season in South Florida, and we have an amazing editorial lineup for you. We thank you for your loyalty to us, for inviting us into your homes and hearts, for your incredible positive feedback, for requesting more copies for your out-of-town guests, and for frequenting the places we write about as well as our advertising partners. We live to serve you!