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Publisher's Letter: Old Fashioned Influence


The term “influencer marketing” wasn't around when I graduated from the University of Florida in 1990. Of course, inventions like the “internet” and “social media” weren't either. The “network of networks” came soon after I graduated with my marketing degree, and of course, the rest is a high-speed technological train that changed the world as we know it. We can now obtain our news, entertainment and trending pop culture through a myriad of multimedia platforms. Long before hashtags, tweets, followers, profiles, posts, streams, blogs and Snapchats were around, print media and magazines were the original influencers of taste, style, home décor, body ideals and purchasing decisions. Thankfully, city regional magazines still serve an important purpose, and studies show this ole “O.G.” will be influencing decisions long after the next invention has come and gone.

Anyone can be an “influencer” these days and promotional lines are often blurred online, so we've gone old-school and featured real-life people, who can actually be seen in our real-life communities, who have had real influences on our physical world. Check out several Influencers of Palm Beach County on page 38 and see how they've made breakthroughs, developed opportunities, broadened horizons and bettered our communities.

To make your holiday shopping easier—because let's face it, we all love advice from a good influencer—we've asked six locals who are in-the-know to curate unique gifts for the discerning people on your wish list. From the host to the sartorialist to the jetsetter, they provide their picks for holiday gift-giving on page 67. One not-to-be-missed event for real-life fun is the 13th annual Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival Dec. 12 to 15. More than 45 renowned chefs will dazzle your taste buds at this four-day foodie fest, including six new events this year. Choose from the Beef N Bourbon Experience, SPICE, One Caribbean Night, The First Bite, Master Taste, Porch BBQ and Southern Revival to light up your senses. Enjoy, have a great holiday season and we look forward to being your old fashioned influencer for years to come!