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Publisher's Letter

Publisher's Letter: Palm Beach County Power And Pride

The longer I live in Palm Beach County, the less familiar I am with all there is to do. That may sound incongruous, but seriously—there is so much to do in this paradise we call home. With a full-time job, kids and community and charity commitments, I find myself in a radius routine (or rut, if you will). My comfort zone is typically within 15 miles, and I tend to lose sight of all the amazing haunts and jaunts just a short drive away and within the same county.

Thank goodness for self-proclaimed foodie, fashionista and lifestyle/entertainment blogger and our contributing writer Kerry Shorr, who knows (and frequents, by the way) all the hotspots and takes us on a journey through the ever-evolving Palm Beaches in “Our Slice Of Paradise” on page 34. Cataloged by interest, there’s something for everyone—from the outdoor enthusiast, to art appreciator, to retail therapist, to the gastronome, she takes the guesswork out of what to do from Boca Raton to Jupiter, and makes the most of the leisure time we have.

South Florida is a mecca for indulgences. From the year-round weather most of the country envies, to the water and land sports, world-class spas, resorts, shopping destinations and restaurants, there’s no shortage of marvelous things to do. There’s also no shortage of accomplished people who call the Palm Beaches home. Our owner and group publisher Bernie McCormick scoured the county to find “The 25 Most Powerful” (page 45), a list that is sure to impress. But it wasn’t easy, as Bernie will attest to. How do you measure power? By how accomplished, influential, well respected, adept at their job, or how prominent they are? Do they need to belong to a certain socioeconomic class, have obtained a specific level of elitist stature or amassed billions of dollars? And how do you narrow it down to only 25 in the largest county in Florida? Bernie’s research is spot-on, and some of these 25 (along with those on his extensive list of honorable mentions) will grace the pages of history books as having made significant contributions to our community and society at large.

If you haven’t noticed yet, we usually don’t publish in September, so I am thrilled to add this new September issue to the roster, and I’m even more thrilled to share it with our sister publication, Boca Life Magazine, as our new “Palm Beach County Issue,” with a circulation of 50,000 print copies and a readership of 395,000.

The newness doesn’t stop there. We’ve launched a new special section called “Leaders of Palm Beach County,” showcasing industry leaders at the helm of successful businesses, and we bring you their stories of success on page 55. We will be featuring this section again in January, so reserve your space now.

We hope this issue will captivate, motivate, educate and inspire you to embrace all Palm Beach County has to offer as we go into the next “season.” Hope you had a relaxing summer because here we go again!