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Publisher's Letter: Paradise Found

Those who have lived here for a while, or were born in the area, may take South Florida’s natural beauty for granted. Those who capture that beauty and essence on camera for a living remind us of just how fortunate we are. I’ve spoken to many people who have traveled the world, and they still love the Palm Beaches the best. That’s certainly a testament to our surroundings—our precious oceans and waterways; our coveted beaches; our piers and famous lighthouse; our wildlife; our phenomenal cultural amenities; and our unparalleled way of life. Through the lenses of local photographers, we bring you “Portraits of Paradise” on page 54, freezing little slices of life that all add up to one thing—paradise. Whether by professional camera, drone, or simply an iPhone, Palm Beach County offers no shortage of amazing content for professionals and novices alike.

We can thank “The Father of Palm Beach” for that. American industrialist, railroad tycoon and visionary Henry Morrison Flagler turned a wilderness of coconut trees into paradise as we know it. No single person was as important to the development of modern Florida as Henry Flagler, whose famous Whitehall estate in Palm Beach still stands as a testament to his contributions. Built in 1902 as a wedding gift to his third wife, Mary Lily, 38 years his junior, the 75-room Gilded Age mansion is well-preserved and offers more than 100,000 guests from around the world a glimpse into this bygone era as The Flagler Museum. Treat yourself to a tour as they celebrate their 60th anniversary, and peek behind the scenes in “Inside the Walls of Whitehall” on page 68.

The Norton Museum of Art celebrates the most comprehensive expansion in its 78-year history with new galleries, exhibits, programs, gardens and a restaurant, and it provides the perfect backdrop for our couture fashion shoot. For a more comprehensive directory of Palm Beach County’s cultural amenities, check out our Arts & Entertainment Guide, sponsored by the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, and discover why eight million visitors a year call Palm Beach County a cultural paradise.