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Publisher's Letter: Spring's Renewal

“Every house where love abides and friendship is a guest, is surely home, and home sweet home, for there the heart can rest.” Henry Van Dyke said these words, and they still ring true today; for most of us long for a sanctuary in our homes—a respite, a refuge, a place where one can truly rest and escape the outside world. Every home needs a nook, a cranny, a niche to retreat to for some well deserved “me time” or solitude. For some, it's a home gym/yoga studio, a private garden, or a chaise lounge by the pool; for others, it's a home office, library and even a closet. (I like the latter!) In “Enclaves of Retreat” on page 38, we feature luxe rooms you can retreat to and on-point accouterments that multitask in style, providing both a functional space and a place for solitude.

With a little help from a highly skilled and talented team, including interior designer Angela Reynolds, a Jupiter family turned an '80s classic into a cool, contemporary and ultra-chic masterpiece, with clean lines and innovative appointments. Custom-built for “aquaholics,” the exterior rivals that of famed South Florida resorts that tourists flock to, with unique elements such as a multi-level pool, fireplaces, waterfall features, sun shelves and 50-yard-line sunset seats. Now, that's a sanctuary!

What could be more American—or more South Florida for that matter—than baseball? For a lot of fans, spring means one thing: spring training. Build it and they will come, and they are, as thousands flock to Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium and the FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches for this national pastime, filling the coffers of our No. 1 industry: tourism. Check out these fields of dreams in our feature “Baseball by the Beach” on page 52 and see why these top-notch facilities host major and minor league baseball teams, yearlong events, and keep the fans enjoying the experience, year after year.

Spring has sprung, and spring cleaning isn't just for closets; it's for the soul as well. It's a time for introspection, reflection, dreaming and planning—a time for new opportunities to bud. Spring is nature's renewal; it's the season of rebirth and regrowth. We're glad this issue has found its way into your home and your heart. I hope you carve out some space and time for your own renewal!