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Publisher's Letter: Summer Escapes

I  just returned from a trip to New Orleans, otherwise known as “The Big Easy,” aptly named for its laid-back distinction from the hustle and bustle of New York, “The Big Apple.” This easy-going, anything-goes, judgement-free attitude defines the people, epitomizes the city’s spirit and is contagious to the millions of tourists that flock there to experience the culture, the music, the history, the nightlife and, of course, the food. Some say it’s one of their favorite destinations; I’ll let you be the judge of that!

The travel season is upon us, and in the digital age of “share and compare,” when everyone’s big adventures are posted all over social media, it’s easy to develop “FOMO,” or “fear of missing out” (a real tech-age psychological syndrome whereby we feel anxiety and stress over not keeping up). But execute our travel itineraries and inspiration in our summer travel issue and you’ll be the one bragging.

The Dalai Lama recommended, “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before,” so we offer a plethora of destinations for you to enjoy this summer or add to your bucket list. In “Florida Road Tripping” on page 41, we offer six drivable destinations to tantalize the senses, all within a few hours commute. Sip, shop and enjoy succulent food and sweeping views. Whether you prefer luxury accommodations or seek old Florida charm, we’ve got you covered from Key West to Amelia Island on the East Coast, and Tampa to Sarasota on the west coast.

Six hundred miles off the South American coast lays the volcanic archipelago of the Galapagos Islands, and while they are no easy feat to get to, once there, they will delight you with the most amazing wildlife viewing in the world. The observations of the diverse island species inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution 182 years ago.

Cuba lies just 90 miles off the Florida Keys, and while the allure of Cuban cigars, mojitos, classic cars and authentic cuisine is a draw for some to venture south, not many envision taking in the countryside by bike. Writer Lane Nieset points out it’s not for the faint of heart (nor is it easy on the tush), but the gobs of gastronomical delights along the way are rewarding. Check out the backcountry biking tour in “Cruising Through Cuba” as a new way to visit unchartered territory.

Want to stay in authentic surroundings versus a hotel? Book through sites like VRBO, HomeAway or Airbnb, and rent someone else’s home to be fully ingrained in the environment and live like a local. Better yet, rent yours out to make some extra cash and let someone else enjoy your little slice of paradise. I happen to love our slice of paradise, so no matter where I roam, there’s no place like home. Enjoy your summer and we’ll see you back in September with our new issue including “The Guide to Palm Beach County” and “The 25 Most Powerful People in Palm Beach County.”