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Publisher's Letter: Wanderlust


This year, my valentine and I celebrated 30 years together (dating and married). That’s quite a milestone—and I suddenly feel quite old—but the truth is, it has flown by like Cupid’s arrow surreptitiously fired from his bow. I remember our early days, all the traveling we did before children and how exciting life was, marveling at all the firsts, the adventures, the unforeseen. 

Traveling provides a unique bonding experience, and I have enjoyed all of my couple, family and girls’ trips, but one thing I have never done is travel alone. The subject intrigued me after we profiled successful solo traveler and blogger Alyssa Ramos from mylifesatravelmovie.com, who shares her journeys through spectacular locales on her gorgeous Instagram account. In this issue, we bring you six destinations worthy of solo travel—one courtesy of Ramos—so you can explore and unwind without dealing with distractions or having to coordinate with others. 

It’s no surprise to me that affluent magazine readers are the most frequent travelers. According to the Association of Magazine Media, within the last year, magazine readers took more trips for business and pleasure, embarked on more domestic and international vacations, owned more personal leisure watercraft, went on more cruises and rented more cars than consumers of any other medium, including the internet, TV, radio and mobile apps. 

This survey also noted that this demographic is most likely to vacation in Asia, Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe and Florida. Affluent travelers trust print journalism more than online and social media platforms, and we’re proud to have earned that same trust from you, our loyal readers.

 As mentioned in our January issue, our titles have been acquired by Palm Beach Media Group, so expect great changes to come this new year as we improve on an already great print publication. Thanks for joining us on the ride!