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Publisher's Letter

Publisher's Letter: The Year Ahead

With popular books titled Dude, What’s My Job, Not Everyone Gets a Trophy and Managing Millennials, along with the rise in consulting companies that concentrate entirely on what makes millennials tick, there’s a lot of hype about the attitudes of millennials in the workplace and the new modern mindset that accompanies such a digital savvy, tech-spoiled generation. 

But the stereotypical self-indulgent, entitled, “born with a digital device in their mouth” and “never had to work a day in their life millennial” might just be a myth. Studies show they want meaningful and purposeful work, to be well trained, have clear expectations and reasonable, collaborative goals set and good leadership. They value real-world experiences and adventure, work-life balance, flextime, time off to pursue interests and quality-of-life, and who doesn’t? 

Let’s face it—the 21st-century workplace is not the 9-to-5 daily grind of our fathers for any of us. Boardrooms, bureaucracy and in-person business meetings are being replaced with Wi-Fi hotspots, e-communications, e-commerce, home offices and shared workspaces. And you can thank the millennials for that! In “The Pursuit of Happiness” on page 50, we show you how today’s companies are evolving to keep up with the demands of the times and the new labor force. 

South Florida is taking tips from Japan to keep up with the demands of the times—in the form of the privately owned Brightline passenger train to serve mass transit needs from Miami to Orlando. And even though there is substantial and warranted controversy and adversity toward the pending addition to our idyllic coastal lifestyle and property values, Brightline might serve as a shining example of how to successfully integrate private and public transportation in a vastly growing area. If integrated with Tri-Rail and Palm Tran, travelers can easily navigate to and around the city with ease and convenience. Eric Barton takes you on a ride into the future on page 40. 

The future of charity sporting events is changing. Many companies and non-profits are chipping red sporting clays versus golf greens as they seek out more adventurous ways to fundraise. South Florida’s plethora of shooting clubs offers an alternative to the typical golf classic. Some, like the OK Corral Gun Club with its Crystal Ballroom and High Noon Café, are the perfect venues for corporate functions and even weddings. They even offer overnight accommodations in quaint cabins to fully transport you to the Wild, Wild West. 

In this New Year, think like a millennial—wel­come change, embrace life, seek a balance and strive to change the world.

Happy New Year!