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Publisher's Letter

Rediscover All The Jupiter And The Palm Beach Local Spots This New Year

Exactly 20 years ago, my husband and I found ourselves on Singer Island enjoying a weekend getaway in a warmer climate. Having lived in Northern and Central Florida all our lives (where you have four distinctive seasons, not just cold fronts), we figured any place you could boat and fish in the middle of winter was a place we wanted to live for the rest of our lives. Six months later, we resigned from our two jobs, found two new jobs, sold a house and bought a house, and relocated to the gorgeous Palm Beaches. After two decades here, I consider myself a local, although I have to admit there are dozens of local hot spots I still have not been to.

We moved down on a Friday and I started work the following Monday, so needless to say everyday life got in the way of checking out some of our local hidden gems. When I go to a new destination, I seek out the lesser-known places that mostly locals frequent, knowing they are not touristy and that they'll provide an authentic experience indicative of the area. In this January issue, as we welcome the seasonal residents and visitors back, we honor the locals by providing you with The Locals' Guide to The Palm Beaches. Check out some local hot spots, restaurants and natural landmarks, and weave these off-the-beaten-path venues into your agenda.

The Palm Beaches may not be known for huge waves, but when the winds kick up, the skies over numerous beaches are filled with colorful kites, propelling fearless athletes through the air, upwards of 50 feet. Lori Griffith can often be found on Jupiter's beaches, camera in hand, freezing these epic feats in time. This month, she provides us with a glimpse into the exclusive world of local female kiteboarders who are drenched in the adrenaline of this sport.

We all know South Florida is a famous golf mecca, with more than 160 golf courses, and that many professional golfers call South Florida their second home. But in Homegrown Golfers, we feature six local golfers who are giving their more illustrious colleagues a run for their money. Keep your eye out for these homegrown men at the next PGA tournament, including the upcoming Honda Classic.

Persistence and planning paid off for Michele Jacobs, corporate director of marketing for The Gardens Mall. The mall will soon feature a one-of-a-kind, never-seen-before exhibit of paintings and sculptures from beloved author Dr. Seuss! This is a major coop, so check it out Jan. 17 to Feb. 14.

Our little slice of paradise has something to offer everyone—locals and tourists alike. So enjoy it, appreciate it and engage in all it has to offer.

Happy New Year!