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Publisher's Letter

The Right Move

As I write this, I am surrounded by boxes, lost in a sea of bubble wrap and masking tape. My final architectural plan is still taped to the hallway wall, with additional notes and changes inked in red marker, even after six months of contemplation and more than a dozen iterations. Folders of design photos ripped from magazines lay amongst the clutter and dozens of idea books have been created on Pinterest and Houzz.

Having outgrown our home of 18 years, it was time to renovate. The builder had been chosen, the expansion plans were drawn up and the permits were waiting to be pulled after peak season was over. But after a brief look at what else was available on the market (just to reinforce that we were making the right decision as we mentally prepared for a major, six-month long renovation), we found a beautiful, larger, updated home with the perfect layout for our family. That’s where the boxes come in. Now, instead of forging ahead with our renovation plans, we decided to “list it,” not “love it.” Renovate or relocate – it’s not an easy decision. How much money do you put in and how much will you ultimately get out? What is the area worth? Consider the domino effect – how many other rooms will need to be updated as well? What are your current homes’ limitations – in other words, what aren’t you going to get from it even if you do renovate?

With the move, however, I got the best of both worlds: a home suitable for my family, and a few of the renovations I’d visualized. Even though ultimately this new house was move-in ready, I had specific design ideas and color combinations from my months of research that I wanted to use in a few rooms to make them my own – mainly the kitchen. Thanks to my painter extraordinaire, Michael Crump, along with Marble of The World, Cavassa Stone Design, and Miller’s Fine Decorative Hardware, I was able to transform my kitchen from a dark, outdated kitchen with honey oak cabinets and black granite countertops to a light, bright and more transitional look in less than a month.

A few months of searching, buying, renovating and moving is nothing compared to the Smith’s four-year journey to create the transitional home of their dreams, perfectly aligned with the idyllic backdrop of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. Take our home tour on page 58 to see how their extraordinary vision and persistence paid off to create the home of their dreams. To complete the transitional look, you need the proper combination of new and old, trendy and timeless, simple pieces that whisper, “Look around,” and stand-out statement pieces that scream, “Look at me!” In “Treasure Hunt,” on page 73, you’ll find your next antique or treasure right here in The Palm Beaches. Before you make a purchase, heed the advice from these experts: Buy quality, buy what you love and surround yourself with pieces that speak to your heart.

You know the old saying, home is where the heart is. And my heart is in my new kitchen!