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Publisher's Letter

Tooting Our Own Horn

We’re not just in the business of bringing relevant content to our readers; we are an integral part of our community’s economy. As I like to say in my email signature, “We are in the business of making your business succeed!” We successfully connect our advertising partners with a qualified, engaged audience that takes action as a result of reading our magazines and directly affects our clients’ bottom lines and our economy. Jupiter Magazine and The Palm Beacher’s reach is vast and goes well beyond the printed pages of the magazines with our social media platforms, digital editions and daily online coverage. Our influential audience includes print and digital edition readers, online readers, website visitors and social media followers, and according to Google Analytics, our sites are 98 percent mobile-friendly. Our diversified readers digest their content differently, so we adapt to them and the times. 

While Jupiter Magazine celebrates 17 years this season (and The Palm Beacher celebrates 15), it didn’t start there. You see, we’re part of a larger publishing company, Gulfstream Media Group, which started 52 years ago. Media outlets, which are in the business of showcasing their clients, are notorious for not tooting their own horns, but I think it’s time. As we head into our 53rd season, I marvel at the longevity of our magazine titles, and the fact that we cover a quarter of the state’s most populated and affluent markets and saturate four coastal counties from Broward to St. Lucie counties. We’ve increased our print run for all markets, and I know of no other magazine company on the east coast of Florida that compares to our broad distribution over such an affluent market. We continue to earn awards from the Florida Magazine Association and the Society of Professional Journalists for best writing, photography, online content, ads and covers.

This year marks another milestone—the 10th anniversary of our annual Charity Datebook. Not just a reference guide to non-profits and their events, but a resource for helping you give back to your community through philanthropic selflessness. Use this guide to make a difference in someone’s life. The reward will be well worth the effort. We walk the walk by supporting more than 30 charities a year, and that’s certainly something to toot our horn about. Go online and join our e-newsletters to stay informed on all the charitable events we’re involved in. Nathaniel Hawthorne said, “Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.” We hope to leave a legacy of not only stellar publishing, but a lifetime of influence, impact and emotional connection with you, our readers.