Robert Durán Jr. on His Boxing Career, His Secret Fear, and More


WHO: Professional boxing rising superstar Robert Durán Jr.

WHAT: Renato’s Blueberry Cosmopolitan paired with the Antipasta cello Chef of prosciutto San Daniele, salami, bresaola, gorgonzola dolce, manchego, Parmigiano, berries, walnuts, truffled honey and spicy fig compote; the Insalata Nicoise of grilled yellowfin tuna, organic baby greens, tomato, egg, green beans, nicoise olives and red wine vinaigrette; the Tortina di Granchio of lump crabmeat cake with tomato bruschetta and lemon aioli; and the Ravioli con Funghi of homemade wild mushroom ravioli, cognac truffle sauce and black truffle caviar.

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The moment I first knew I wanted to become a professional boxer was: when I saw my father (Roberto Durán) training in the gym, and especially watching him fight. I knew I wanted to do the same. That’s what sparked the flame in me to box. I always knew that I wanted to fight—there was no doubt.

The very first time I realized I had a famous father was: when I was a little kid. I would hear him being talked about everywhere. My grandfather used to have me watch my dad’s fights on TV, and he would tell me, “That’s your dad, and you’re going to be like him, only better.”

People might be surprised to learn that I’m actually afraid of: boats. I had a very bad experience when I was 9. We were with family and friends leaving an island when our boat began to sink. Everyone jumped off and swam to a nearby post, but I didn’t. The boat then flipped over with me inside. I couldn’t swim to the top because I had knotted my foot with a rope. So as the boat sank, I went with it. Thank God I was able to free myself. I never stepped foot on a boat again.

Something that I’ve learned about myself while following in the footsteps of my legendary father is: how similar, yet different we are; how I possess his power in my punches, but I’m much faster and slicker with my movements. My trainers say that I look and move like my father did, especially in sparring. They say we have the same aggression and relentless body shots, but I differ because I’m lighter on my feet.

When my boxing career comes to an end one day, I hope people will say: that Durán Jr. continued the legacy and created his own. I hope that they’ll say I never quit, I always trained hard, and that I made my father proud by upholding the Durán name.

A native of New York, Robert Durán Jr. decided to devote his life to professional boxing at age 25, relocating to South Florida in January 2015 to train full time with his eyes steadfast on the prize, becoming a world champion boxer just as his hall-of-fame enshrined father Roberto had in four separate weight classes.

Aside from boxing, Durán Jr. is an accomplished musical artist, writing, recording and performing original music under the moniker of “Flesh Korleone.” Having recently signed a contract with the legendary Bob Arum’s Top Rank, Durán Jr. is scheduled to return to the ring on Dec. 14 in Corpus Christi, Texas. A father of two children, Durán Jr. resides in Hollywood, Florida.

The Renato’s Blueberry Cosmopolitan
Photos by Mike Jachles


The Renato’s Blueberry Cosmopolitan

2 ounces blueberry house-infused Grey Goose Vodka

Fresh lime juice

Muddled fresh blueberries

1/2 ounce Cointreau

Muddle blueberries in the lime juice, add ingredients, shake vigorously over ice, strain, garnish with three blueberries

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