Shark Knocks Man Off His Paddleboard In Jupiter, And He Captured It On Video


A man paddleboarding off Jupiter’s coast this week ended up getting a fintastic surprise.

Maximo Trinidad, of Port St. Lucie, was stand up paddleboarding near Carlin Park during his lunch break Thursday, when he paddled right into a spinner shark.

The collision even knocked him off his board.

Out on the water during a time of “decent surf building and strong offshore winds,” Trinidad caught the whole shark encounter on video and posted a clip, plus details, to YouTube

Spinner sharks are known for leaping out of the water in a spiral motion when they’re feeding, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History, but luckily, Trinidad was not hurt.​ 

The video shows him climb back onto the board safely, though still stunned and laughing about the thrill. The clip concludes with the local paddleboarder summing up his experience: “Priceless!! Awesome Day!” he wrote. 

Trinidad spoke to WPTV about his surreal encounter.

“As soon as I saw that big beautiful animal jumping next to me, everything went into slow motion. I didn’t want to be on top of it and think I was a fish,” he said.

Watch the shark jump out of the water in the video below. (Warning: Contains explicit language.)

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