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Flowers, bright smiles and warm welcomes greet guests of Lola Dré, a new luxury boutique in Harbourside Place. The tall glass windows and doors flood the cozy shop with natural light, glistening off jewelry and sequins. Plush chairs and a couch adorned with pillows and throws invite visitors to relax, chat and stay awhile.

Lola Dré, named after the owners Lorry Rahman, Lauren Murray and André Arceneaux, opened the doors to its chic shop in October. While the trio always loved fashion and complimenting each other’s outfits, they would also commiserate over the hassles of online shopping.

“We took the concept of an online store with all the brands, with all the variety you can get online, but in a store,” Rahman says. “We also wanted to bring fun back to shopping because we really felt like the brick-and-mortar experience wasn’t fun anymore.”

They wanted a boutique where customers can relax and have fun as if they’re visiting with a girlfriend.“We didn’t want it to be an in and out experience,” Arceneaux says. “We wanted to create an environment where people wanted to come and gather and spend time, and spend time with us.”

There’s something for everyone to try on, from cocktail, resort and casual wear to jewelry and accessories. It’s fun to scope out weekly merchandise for special one-off items, like a sphere, metal purse with open sides, pearls and jewels.

“We love new, we love trendy, but we’re also trying to have something for everyone as well,” Rahman says.

Customers can experience an extra personal touch with free personal styling appointments. While the ladies love to see shoppers enjoying each of their hand-picked items from more than 90 designers, they also provide honest feedback so customers can look and feel their best.

“Some of the brands [in the store] were new for the area,” Murray says. “You can’t find a lot of these things really anywhere.”

Lola Dré offers a wide variety of sizes and styles, so there’s something for everyone. Prices range from $100 to $1,200 for unique pieces. Guests can even shop and preorder items up to two seasons ahead online
and in-store.

“We all have similar tastes, but what we gravitate toward happens to be in different styles,” Murray says. “While we may all pick the same print, I always go for the long dresses and André loves a short set … and Lorry loves short dresses.”

As a part of the store’s conception, Lola Dré has also partnered with charities and plans to continue to work with different organizations in the future.


>  Lola Dré, Harbourside Place, 111 Breakwater Court, Jupiter; 561.935.9949;


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