South Florida Gastropub Fare and Outdoor Games Join Forces at Pétanque Kitchen & Bar


If you’re not familiar with the game pétanque, you’ll soon become acquainted if you stop by the new Northwood restaurant named after it. In short, it’s essentially the French version of the Italian’s bocce game. Brother duo Olivier Delrieu and Edouard Delrieu (of Le Rendez-vous in West Palm) and Frederic Boyer, former owner and chef at Galipette in Wellington, opened the restaurant in late winter, serving what Olivier calls “French gastropub” fare.

So, why give so much emphasis to the sport? “It is a game heavy in the French tradition, which is part of our culture and our childhood memories,” Olivier says of his and his brother’s early years. “It was for us something we wanted to showcase.” Showcased it is with locals catching on and playing the game daily while enjoying tasty dishes.


Taking precedence on the menu are the burgers. While they’re hard to choose from, Olivier recommends a few. There’s the Angus beef burger topped with Brie, walnut mayonnaise, grilled onions and apples confit. Or, try the Banh Mi Burger, which comes piled high with seared pork rillettes, pickled veggies, cilantro, Sriracha mayo, five spices, jalapeño peppers and lettuce all served on a baguette.

For a lighter option, go for the quinoa tabbouleh salad with kale and dried fruits. There are also specialty boards to share, including ones with delicately placed prosciutto, salami and homemade pâté, to a “seacuterie,” which comes with cured salmon, salmon rillettes, anchoiades, seaweed salad, shrimp, calamari and the chef’s selection.

Wash it all down with a rare Belgian beer (think Duvel and La Chouffe), or go for the golden pale lager, Kronenbourg 1664—and don’t forget your try at pétanque. There’s also live entertainment, like soul night, reggae and trivia, from Tuesday to Saturday.

Pétanque Kitchen & Bar, 517 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach / 561.507.8064 /

Pétanque Kitchen & Bar

Northwood restaurant
Enjoy a colorful cocktail and tasty burger while trying your hand at pétanque.


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