The Leader of Commercial Construction


Organization : Anderson-Moore Construction Corp.

Name : Christopher Harris

Christopher Harris is a third-generation Palm Beach County native with a strong passion for work ethics. His company, Anderson- Moore Construction Corp., has built its reputation on the principles of honesty, integrity and trust. Whether managing a $50 million commercial project or a $50,000 tenant improvement, attention to detail is the name of the game. “I pour all I have into each project,” he says. “Every single one is treated as important no matter how big or how small.” The firm specializes in healthcare facilities, country clubs and retail spaces–everything from renovations to buildouts. “I like the thought of building something with my own two hands that will stand for years to come, have a lasting representation and leave a legacy for the future to see,” he says. Anderson-Moore Construction Corp. is more than a general contractor; it is a vested partner. “I put myself in the client’s position and ask myself how I would perceive the information we are giving them, and how I would want to be treated during the process,” he says. His goal is nothing short of perfection. “Once a project is completed, I look forward to seeing the facility being used and enjoyed.”

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