The Swing of Things

Why you need to try the TPI golf method.

What is TPI?

The Titleist Performance Institute’s method educates golfers and fitness instructors on the relationship between body function and the swing.

How does it work?

TPI examines fitness level, nutrition and overall health in order to have clients performing at the top of their game. “You are able to screen an individual for mobility, stability and balance to determine deficiencies in the body that can cause it to break down and eventually lead to injury,” TPI-certified instructor Jacqueline DiMartino explains. Instructors prescribe specific exercises to address an individual’s issues. The client is monitored periodically to assess progress.

Benefits for non-golfers:

The program focuses on restoring proper body function, and can be just as valuable to those who may not play 18 holes on the weekends. TPI can even reverse immobility caused by an office desk job. Whether you golf or not, regain the strength and flexibility the body was meant to have for ideal function and less pain.

Where to find a TPI-certified instructor:

Diversified Therapeutics in Stuart / 772.221.7638 /
The Florida Institute of Performance in Palm Beach Gardens / 561.252.6050
Hellman Holistic Health in Fort Lauderdale / 954.566.0585 /

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