These 5 Fashionable Finds Are Like Wearable Art


With her signature fiery red hair paired with a silk jumpsuit and sneakers, Patricia Field is not hard to find in a crowd. The costume designer and fashion visionary known for her work with “Sex and the City” and “The Devil Wears Prada” exhibited the “ArtFashion” collection at the White Dot Gallery in Wynwood during Art Basel. We met with the Oscar-nominated designer during the pre-Basel event #WhatSheSaid at the W Fort Lauderdale to chat about her inspiration, best memories and what’s to come.

On inspiring women’s views of fashion:

I was just doing my job, enjoying it, making the girls look what I thought the best I could. I never really got into anything like, ‘Oh, you know [“Sex and The City”] is going to be this great show.’ But it bounced back to me in the form of people saying that I affected the way a whole generation of people even older and younger than a middle-group were dressing, so I understand only through the reverberations that I’ve received. I’m happy that people think of it that way, but I never really got into it with that idea. I just wanted to make everything pretty.

On one of her most memorable looks created for “Sex and The City”:

There were many, but one thing is when we were doing the movie—the last movie—and they were in the Middle East where it was that J’adore Dior T-shirt and that long Taffeta skirt. I loved that one. That was very Carrie. I brought it back. I didn’t use it in that combination, but she wore that T-shirt in the TV show, but I brought it back because it was at the time very new. And now everything is J’adore Dior, J’adore Dior. That’s one of my favorite ones.

On her No. 1 fashion tip for women:

Every woman must search into themselves for their own individuality and express it. Don’t look at the magazines. Look at them—but don’t become a victim of them. Express yourself and who you are. We’re all one-of-a-kind, and we need to think of ourselves this way.

On what’s next for Field:

I am currently working on a TV show for TV Land called “Younger,” starring Sutton Foster. We will start producing the fourth season this March and a fifth season is also planned. (Editor’s note: At press time, Field traveled to Florence, Italy, for Firenze4Ever hosted by Luisa Via Roma to exhibit in the brand’s flagship store. She also visited Berlin for two different ArtFashion exhibitions, including Berlin Fashion Week, hosted by MADE.)

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