This Drone Video Of Jupiter Shows Our Slice Of Florida Really Is Paradise


Taking in Jupiter’s scenery by foot or by water is surely an unforgettable experience, but lately, we’ve discovered there’s nothing quite like seeing our favorite spots from up above

Jupiter native Adam Dooms recently decided to take snippets of aerial footage he shot over the past six months and put together a video that pays homage to the place we call home. 

The clip, titled “Jupiter Florida Paradise,” captures boaters making their way out to sea, waves crashing ashore and the sun glistening on the water. 

His mission was simple. 

“I thought that the people of Jupiter would love to see the aerial prospective of the beautiful town we live in,” he said. 

Dooms, who’s the co-owner of a real estate media company called Vantage Point, captured the shots with a DJI Inspire 1 drone.

When trying to decide what he liked best about the area, he narrowed his list to three things: the people, the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and life on the water. 

“[W]e have some of the most beautiful blue water I have ever seen,” he said. “And my Australian shepherd can’t get enough of the beach!” 

We couldn’t agree more. 

Note: Before flying drones in your area, please read up on FAA regulations, local laws and ordinances. 

See the full video, below: 

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