Try This On For Size—Stand UP For MySize Event Taking Place At Lilly Pulitzer Store At Gardens Mall


In today’s world, we’re taught to believe size doesn’t matter, all in the name of body positivity.

However, Laura Kuntz, inventor of MySize, sees it a little differently. 

When it comes to shopping for clothes, she says size can matter. With the lack of standards the apparel business has when it comes to sizing, trying on clothes can end up being a disappointing and frustrating task. 

That’s why Kuntz created MySize. 

“The MySize garment tag gives consumers the opportunity to focus on how the clothes look on themselves and stops them from buying ill-fitting clothing or walking out of the store because they refuse to purchase a garment based on its size number,” she says. 

MySize is something you can try on for yourself on Aug. 12 at the Stand UP for MySize event taking place at the Lilly Pulitzer shop at The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens from noon to 6 p.m. This innovative shopping experience will give customers the opportunity to experience freedom from sizes entirely. 

A percentage of all Lilly Pulitzer sales during the event will benefit the Stand Up Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on teen leadership, mentoring and prevention programs. 

“Positive body image is essential for teens to be healthy who otherwise may start having eating disorders when they are unhappy with their bodies, feeling self-conscious of clothing size numbers and being judged harshly about their appearance,” says Ashley Le Grange, director of the Stand UP Foundation. 

Photo courtesy of Stand UP Foundation

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