Undefeated Heavyweight Boxer Jarrell Miller Tells Jupiter Magazine Why He’s Really Just A Big Teddy Bear


WHO: Undefeated professional Heavyweight boxer, Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller

WHAT: The Tito’s Bowery Red paired with alligator BAO, lamb BAO, the seafood and sesame small plate, tuna tartare, and lobster mac and cheese.

WHERE: Bowery Palm Beach, 567 Hibiscus St., West Palm Beach / 561.420.8600 / bowerypb.com / @bowerypb

1) I may be a 6-foot-4-inch, 280-pound heavyweight boxer, but my nickname “Big Baby” comes from: my first manager, Ron Scott [Stevens], a former New York State Athletic Commissioner. We had made a bet and he won, so he got to pick my nickname. He thought ‘Big Baby’ would be marketable and make me more likable. In my professional debut, I knocked out Darius Whitson, and all the girls sitting ringside were chanting ‘Big Baby, Big Baby,’ so that was proof enough for me.

2) Growing up in Brooklyn, I took up fighting at age 14 because: somebody had stolen my bike, so I walked all the way to the other side of town to steal somebody else’s bike. On my way home, I noticed this beautiful, voluptuous woman in a store window, so I went inside to get a closer look at her. It turned out to be a kickboxing Muay Thai school that was having a free event. I watched this 75-pound kid beat up a 125-pound kid using technique. I went right home and asked my mom to sign me up. And that was it. 

3) People would be stunned to learn that I’m actually afraid of: the potential extinction of cheeseburgers. My motto is ‘hard work, dedication and cheeseburgers.’ Cheeseburgers are my reward in life. Cheeseburgers are my thing. 

4) A celebrity I was surprised to see ringside at one of my fights was: “[The] X-Files” star David Duchovny. It wasn’t a big card, and it was in a small venue, but [he] was just chilling with some of his friends. He’s actually a pretty informed boxing fan and was real cool to me. 

5) Based on my profession, people might be shocked to learn that: I’m actually just a big teddy bear and a goofball. I’m laid back, and I’m always cracking jokes. I just like to entertain people. 

6) What most people don’t realize about the life of a professional boxer is that: it can [be] very lonely. You can lose a lot of friends. Fighters in training go through a lot of mood swings. They call it ‘fighter PMS,’ so we’re not always that easy just to be around.

After compiling a remarkable 22-2 record in professional kickboxing including nine knockouts, Jarrell Miller made the decision to focus on professional boxing in the heavyweight division at age 19. As of January 2017, Miller remains unbeaten in boxing with an astonishing record of 18-0-1, including 16 knockouts. Currently ranked the No. 5 heavyweight contender in the world according to the World Boxing Association, Miller owns and operates the Pure Hart Training Center in Astoria, Queens. A natural-born entertainer looking to pursue a future on-screen, Miller has appeared in films like “Rocky Balboa.”  The former sparring partner of heavyweight world champion Wladimir Klitschko, Miller currently splits his time between his home in Brooklyn and Palm Beach.



Tito’s Bowery Red

2 ounces Tito’s handmade vodka

1 ounce Giffard grapefruit 

1/2 ounce fresh lime juice

1/2 ounce Aperol

Combine ingredients in shaker, shake well, and serve in rocks glass over a single large rock.

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