Unwind At Vintage Wine And Charcuterie In Tequesta

Sample wine and cheese selections.

After returning home from a long day of work or errands on Friday and Saturday nights, Laura and David Marquez would put together a charcuterie platter to share, open a good bottle of wine, and sit outside to talk. This relaxing routine later sparked the idea to open Vintage Wine and Charcuterie in Tequesta, which offers a homey place for guests to enjoy each other’s company.

“It’s a second home to just grab a nice glass of wine, some appetizers, and enjoy yourself for a little while,” Laura says.

Walking through Vintage, that “homey” feeling is immediate: Mismatched chairs and sofas fill the floor while eclectic art pieces dot the walls and tabletops. While David chose most of the art himself, some pieces were gifted to the couple from customers.

“We’ve got a different vibe here,” David says. “You aren’t going to find another place like this anywhere.”
Prosciutto and arugala flatbread

The couple first met while working at the same restaurant. They then started their entrepreneurial business together with a food truck, Xtreme Risotto Fusion, seven years ago while living in Miami, and have since relocated to Palm Beach Gardens.

“What we like in Tequesta is the support for the small businesses,” Laura says about their decision on where to open the brick-and-mortar location. “That’s something you don’t find in a lot of areas.”

Inside, guests often pick their seats carefully after surveying the variety of cozy cushions. “The ones who come constantly already know their spot,” Laura says. “New customers tend to wander around.” After picking the perfect perch, patrons can head to the bar to sample some wine.

Eight wines are always available to try, with one being swapped for something new every week. Vintage is also stocked with Florida beers in cans and on draft, including selections from Tequesta Brewing Co., Funky Buddha Brewery, and Wynwood Brewing Company. Laura notes that most of the beers they provide come from breweries they’ve been to before and whose product they enjoy.

When they opened, Laura and David didn’t want Vintage to be solely for those 18 or 21 years and older. “It’s just the three of us—my husband, my daughter, and me—so wherever we go, she goes,” Laura says. “We’re family, and this is a family place.” The couple stocks the wine bar with apple juice and a vintage Nintendo as well, so parents can enjoy themselves while their kids play.
Local musicians perform on Friday and Saturday nights.

For a pre-dinner snack or peckish post-meal, patrons can partake in the second half of Vintage’s namesake: charcuterie.

The cheese and meat selection at Vintage changes as the couple finds new varieties to try. Boards are built with two, four, or six meats and cheeses chosen by the guests. Each board also comes with jelly or a preserve, a small jar of honey, olives, and tiny toasts.

While the wine and charcuterie are available every day Vintage is open, the best time to visit is on the weekend. Along with local musicians on Fridays and Saturdays, Laura and David also park their food truck outside Vintage’s window, allowing patrons to order small plates from their changing menu.

Vintage Wine and Charcuterie isn’t a dinner stop, but for a relaxing evening of bites, drinks, and good company, there’s no need to look farther than the couch of your new second home.

Vintage Wine & Charcuterie, 381 Tequesta Drive, Jupiter / 305.801.1549 / facebook.com/vintagewineandcharcuterie

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