Editor’s Pick: Clarisonic Pedi Foot Transformation System

Skin Care Mar 2014 Also on Digital Edition

We’ve always loved the Clarisonic facial system, so we couldn’t wait to test out the brand’s new footcare regimen. The box comes with a smoothing disc and buffing brush head, as well as a cleansing scrub, hydrating balm and foot peel. In other words, it’s a total pampering session for your feet. We are super impressed with this product’s ability to transform feet from rough and dry to smooth and baby-soft. For anyone who has to spend long hours on their feet or wearing uncomfortable shoes – or anyone who just enjoys a good pedicure – this product is a must-have. But it’s by produced by Clarisonic, so we’re not really surprised.

$199; Available at GBS The Beauty Store and Saks Fifth Avenue; clarisonic.com