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Alternative Guestbook Ideas

6 ways to turn the guestbook tradition into a keepsake you’ll keep forever.

Rock Garden

Perfect for the couple who likes to  garden. Have guests write wishes or marriage advice on smooth stones with a permanent marker. Then use them to adorn your rock garden. Photo by Churchill’s Photography.

Keepsake Guitar

If you’re a musical couple, set out  Sharpies and a favorite guitar or musical instrument for guests to sign. You’ll think of your wedding each and every time you play the instrument. Photo by True Photography Weddings.

Thumbprint Tree

For this simple but elegant piece of art, start with a tree sketch. You can find one online, or have a local artist sketch one. Select a few shades of stamp ink and leave out a fine ink pen for guests to leave their thumbprint and signature. Don’t forget the baby wipes so guests can clean their hands after. Frame it after the wedding. Photo by Captured Memories Photography.

Personalized Jenga Blocks

Ideal for a couple whose idea of “date night” is breaking out the board games. Place Jenga blocks and permanent mark- ers in a basket so guests can leave notes and sign their names. Your wedding will be a part of game night for years to come. Photo by Captured Memories Photography. 

Wishing Tree

You can either buy a pre-assembled wishing tree, or make one yourself with about four manzanita branches, a glass vase with floral foam at the bottom, and crystal beads or lights to string through the branches. Loop ribbon through blank enclosure cards for guests to sign and then hang from the branches. Photo courtesy of event planner Brenda Woolston; Photo by Magic Moments  Photography.

Keepsake Oars

For the adventurous couple with a nautical-themed wedding, pick up a pair of wooden oars from a craft store and paint them your desired color. Leave out Sharpies for guests to write notes. Photo by Captured Memories Photography.