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Modern Wedding Trends

4 ideas that make for a modern wedding.

Late Night Snacks

After the champagne has been toasted, the cake has been eaten, and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” has been played, why not continue kicking up the night by giving your guests a memorable late-night snack? Depending on your style and wedding theme, complement it with a corresponding snack. For example, if your wedding is more rustic, consider bringing in gourmet burgers. If it has an ode to one’s heritage and culture, how about some finger foods from that country? Whatever you end up doing, work with your caterer to create a dish that’s perfect for your guests and wedding.

Webcasting Your Ceremony

These days, couples have methodically opted to have a romantic, intimate ceremony with only a handful of guests and later holding a celebratory reception for family and friends. It’s a chance for the couple to feel the intimacy of their union without the pressure of hundreds of eyes looking at them from just a few feet away. But to still share their moment of wedded bliss, these couples have streamed their wedding live for friends and family to see from thousands of miles away. Websites like, and all offer great, easy-to-use services that will make your guests feel like they are right there.


Brides are taking more of a risk with wedding colors these days. Instead of the traditional two to three solid colors that have been engrained in history, modern brides are introducing stripes, graphic prints, gingham, polka dots and more to their visual themes. For the daring and adventurous bride, ditch the solid and go pattern!


While it can be hard to beat grandiose, towering centerpieces, some brides have been turning to tablescaping to make an impact during dinner and the reception. Tablescaping can take advantage of items that are near to your heart (like family photos in ornate frames), and it can combine eclectic ideas onto one table (i.e., potted flowers with lights and candles). It’s a feast for  your guests’ eyes!