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Publisher's Letter

Renewal by Rain

They say rain on your wedding day signifies good luck, cleansing and a renewal of sorts, so I took it as a good sign when it rained just minutes before my outdoor vow renewal ceremony this past May. Swapping my heels for sandals and grabbing an umbrella, we headed down to the gazebo in the rain with grey clouds surrounding the entire waterfront resort. And that wasn’t the only snafu – my husband forgot our son’s attire – the outfit that was to perfectly match his, khaki pants and a white dress shirt – so instead of going “bridezilla,” I just grabbed my husband’s Guy Harvey white sun-protection shirt, threw it on over my son’s swim trunks and told the photographer to shoot from the waist up! Because if I have learned anything after 20 years of marriage, it is not to sweat the small stuff!

Twenty years is quite a milestone so to celebrate the occasion, I arranged for a private vow renewal ceremony with a minister and a “photographer.” (Thanks, Kim Capen!) With the sole purpose of celebrating our love, our family and our commitment to each other as husband and wife, I decided to forgo a fancy ceremony and opted instead to privately recommit and let nature be our backdrop (although nature wasn’t cooperating). With very few adornments (my flowers consisted of pink hibiscuses plucked from a nearby bush), the ceremony focused on a script I had written to express our love, the importance of our family unit and our reaffirmation to one another in the presence of God. The one prop I chose was a sand ceremony signifying the importance of each member of our family and the way they beautifully blend together (which also conveniently served to cover up the Guy Harvey logo in photos). This laidback, relaxed ceremony turned out to be the perfect way for us to commemorate the occasion and focus on what was most important.

This Wedding Issue not only strives to provide ideas for your wedding preparations, it celebrates the blending of souls, the covenant of marriage and the joy that can be found from finding that life partner. It also celebrates the milestones in life and the adventures that lie ahead. It happens to be one of the most downloaded issues of the year on the iPad, Android and Kindle, and it is proof that the wedding industry is big business that generates major revenue for many companies seeking to provide the perfect start to your union. Wedding budgets are on the rise, with the average wedding costing around $30,000, and research shows that the betrothed are less concerned with the economy and more concerned with creating that once-in-a-lifetime experience for both themselves and their guests. So use this issue and our wedding features, along with the Glamorous Weddings advertising section, as a guide for creating your own unique experience. But keep in mind, this is only the beginning! And don’t mind a little rain along the way.