What To Wear In South Florida, According To This Veteran Stylist


From dressing countless celebrities and socialites, to working backstage as a producer for New York Fashion Week, Elysze Held is a veteran in the fashion industry. She founded the fashion and image consulting firm Style Out Of The City, where she styles South Florida clients and offers “closet therapy.” She also works her magic as the “couture concierge” at the Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbor and as the stylist for WSVN7 and “Deco Drive.” Here, she takes us into her world of fashion and breaks down how to love your wardrobe again.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Changing the way a person looks at themselves, whether they are a celebrity, a socialite or a soccer mom. Style is when you put something on, and it feels like yourself. Authentic. Real personal style has little to do with what is considered fashionable in any given season or even week. I also especially love remaking someone’s wardrobe, and I teach them to shop in their closet first.

Where does one begin when it’s time to organize his/her closet?

Everyone needs a closet rehaul seasonally—and yes, we do have seasons in Florida! The first step is to remove the “winter” from the “summer” pieces, hoping, of course, that you have two closets. If going into a cool-weather time, take the lightest summer pieces and colors from your closet and move them.

What tips can you offer on how to organize a closet?

Be ruthless. Try on everything. Each and every item in your entire wardrobe should feel and look completely natural on you. I start with seasons then I separate by your life.

What are some tell-tale signs that a piece of clothing has got to go?

Well, are you wearing it? How long has it been since you have worn it? Most people only wear 20 percent of what they buy—and become confused or dismayed at the other 80 percent just taking up space. I usually blame nostalgia for the keeping of pieces that do not fit, are very outdated and basically unwearable. But, if you must have it for memory’s sake, then put them together in a box for a top shelf, or under the bed to store keepsakes. We are so attached to our wardrobe, and it is not always a bad thing. And that is why on my website I call it “closet therapy.”

What are the rules for fashion and style?

There are rules when it comes to style, and the rules are only about you. The 10 rules for the person sitting next to you are different than your 10 rules. Your only fashion ideal should be you at your best, and that means [being] well dressed for your body as it is now. And always remember: Age is secondary to an individual sense of style.

What about shopping tips?

We would all love to project an aura of effortless chic, but effortless chic has more to do with smart shopping tactics. Buy what you love. Do not worry about what you own that matches. If you love it, I guarantee there are things in your closet that you are meant to wear it with. As a personal shopper, I am a fresh pair of eyes, and I help people buy better. And, I always know what my clients have in their closet. Have a question for Held? Reach her at styleoutofthecity.com and on Instagram @elysze.

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