Whole Foods Market’s First Ramen Bar In Florida Opens In Palm Beach Gardens Store


Juice bars, salad bars and hot foods selections are the norm at a typical Whole Foods store, but fresh ramen? Not so much.

Nonetheless, ramen bars are now a thing at select Whole Foods Market locations and, in fact, Palm Beach Gardens has had one since October, we first learned from Palm Beach Post.

The ramen bar is run by Genji, a Philadelphia-based Japanese food company that has provided fresh sushi to Whole Foods stores for almost 20 years.

Over 165 Whole Foods Market locations in 18 states have Genji Sushi counters, but only seven locations sell ramen. The Palm Beach Gardens ramen bar is Whole Foods’ first in Florida.

Palm Beach Gardens customers can choose from four ramen bowls: original tonkotsu, spicy miso with chili paste, shoyu tonkotsu, and veggie. The first three options, which are served with pork, cost $11.99. The veggie broth bowl costs $8.99. 

Add-ons include bean sprouts, black mushrooms, red ginger, scallions, chili oil, and marinated boiled egg.

Check out these other Whole Foods ramen bars in Chicago and Cherry Hill, New Jersey for a closer look at what they’re like, and see the Palm Beach Gardens menu below:

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market; 11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave., Palm Beach Gardens

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