14 Heartwarming Jupiter Love Stories Sure To Bring A Smile To Your Face


Love is in the air, and we couldn’t imagine a more romantic place to celebrate it. Needless to say, you very much agree. 

When we put a call out for Jupiter-area engagements and wedding submissions, we knew we would receive stunning photos and heartwarming descriptions. But we were blown away by the thoughtful gestures and down-right beautiful stories behind the relationships nurtured in our little slice of paradise. 

So whether you’re looking for that special someoneplanning a memorable date night or prepping to tie the knot right here at home, take a moment to remember you’re in the right place. And, sometimes, that makes all the difference.

Here are some of our favorite local love stories.

It Started At Jupiter High 

Jack Bates Photography

“We were high school sweethearts. Cody was a junior, and I was a sophomore when we met at Jupiter High School. Dating almost three years, we went our separate ways when Cody attended Auburn University [where he played football], and I went to Florida State. Our paths crossed again when Auburn and FSU played each other in the 2014 National Championship. … Staying in touch from then on, we ‘officially’ started dating again my senior year of college, and when I graduated, Cody asked me to join him in Philadelphia, where we moved in together. Over a year later, Cody and I came back to Jupiter for his [NFL] off-season, and as far as I knew, we were meeting his grandparents for a drink on their dock, then going out to dinner. Walking up to the dock, Cody stopped me and got down on his knee, asking to marry me! Seconds later, our families ran out with excitement, and we were filled with so much joy. Going to a celebratory dinner, I didn’t think the night could get any better, but it did. Arriving home later on, I opened the door to all of my closest friends waiting inside.”

— Colleen Rick

A Father’s Blessing 

Provided by Valerie Fiordilino Maslow

“[On Dec. 13, 2015], I was at Jupiter Medical Center seeing patients for the oncology practice that I work for as a PA. The hospital, as well as the cancer center adjacent to it, hold a particularly special and also bittersweet place in my heart. The cancer center was where my father received chemotherapy and various infusions for four years for treatment of his leukemia. In February 2009, he passed away in the ICU of the hospital. Years later, my siblings and I purchased a memorial brick in the garden of the cancer center where we could honor my father’s memory. On that beautiful December Sunday morning, I had two patients left to see when my name was called on the hospital speaker. A nurse called me and said there was a patient at the cancer center that needed to see me. I felt rather confused considering the cancer center was closed on Sunday, but I needed to attend to my patient’s request. As I walked toward the center, the nurse walked me toward the back of the building. Since the cancer center’s main entrance was closed, we had to meet the patient in the garden. As I turned the corner, I heard the Christina Perri song “A Thousand Years” playing from the bushes and saw my love with a dozen red roses in hand standing over my father’s memorial brick. He got on his knee, professing his love and telling me how he needed to feel my father’s blessing before proposing. That moment was a moment I will never forget for the rest of my life. “

— Valerie Fiordilino Maslow

Beach Bash 

Provided by Britney Foote

“We had our wedding on Jupiter Beach! We had a heart in the sand and then went across to the pavilion for an afternoon of beach music and food catered by C.R. Chicks.”

— Britney Foote

Seaside Symbolism 

Provided by Jenna Laquerre

“My husband, Tim, and I got engaged on Feb. 16, 2012 and had our engagement photos done shortly after at Jupiter’s Blowing Rock Preserve. This was an absolutely gorgeous setting. … Shortly after our engagement, my husband and I got married at St. Ann’s Catholic Church followed by—you guessed it—a lunchtime seaside reception! This was held on June 29, 2013. There is no more beautiful setting than the ocean as a backdrop to our special day. As the sea is endless, it represents our endless love for each other. We’re hoping to save for an upcoming anniversary trip this year to celebrate our love for one another, and the only advice we have for our fellow lovebirds is to celebrate and see the good in each other every day. My husband and I have been together over 10 years, and we are still appreciating each other daily. I am so lucky to have found my soul mate.”

— Jenna Laquerre

An Intimate Ceremony 

Provided by Saphet Tang

“We all flew from Houston, Texas, because we wanted a very intimate beach wedding. Blowing Rocks was the perfect place for us because the water was beautiful, the beach was small, and there wasn’t a crowd of strangers watching the ceremony. We also performed the mannequin challenge after our ceremony for a little bit of fun!​”

— Saphet Tang

A Special Spot 

Provided by Jessica Zabel

“I was raised here in beautiful Jupiter and spent my early childhood just steps from the beach. It was only natural that I would get married standing on that same stretch of shore that held so many special memories for me. We were married just below the steps to the Jupiter Civic Center, and we had our reception in the beautiful and rustic building there. All our friends and family from near and far loved the location. My favorite part about getting married there is that we go back there all the time and stand in that same spot. I know we aren’t the only couple to be married there, but it feels like “our spot.” This little town has carried me through my childhood, given me a great place to raise my own kids, and even the most high-tech facility and trained physicians and medical care I needed to fight my battle with early stage breast cancer. I can’t imagine ever wanting to live anywhere else—we truly have it all here.”

— Jessica Zabel

A Growing Family 

Provided by Taylor Guittap

“My husband Josh and I were married Feb. 22, 2014 at St. Peter’s in Jupiter, and we had our reception at Jupiter Beach Resort! We met the night of the Palm Beach boat parade in 2010 and have been together ever since. I am the controller at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, and Josh works for PNC Bank in Jupiter. We also just welcomed our first child, baby girl Hadley, in June of last year!”

— Taylor Guittap

Meant To Be 

R J Mitchell

“Married to the boy that delivered newspapers to my parents when we were children, but [we] didn’t know each other [at the time]. Our paths miraculously crossed years later. Here we are almost 48 years later at our wedding on Nov. 12, 2013 on a Jupiter dog-friendly beach with our best friend, spotted rescue dog Freeport (a Potcake from the Bahamas), alongside us. Blessed to have married my best friend on our amazing hometown beach.” 

— Dorlah Carson

As Right As Rain 

Provided by Josh Harrell

“My wife, Sarah, and I moved to Jupiter in 2014. I proposed while we were back in Michigan visiting her family, but we both knew we wanted to get married on the beach here in Jupiter. We said ‘I do’ at Jupiter Beach Resort right after a terrific rain storm, but thankfully, the weather cleared up just in time for us to still be able to have the ceremony outdoors. Made for some excellent pictures.” 

— Josh Harrell

There’s No Place Like Home 

Provided by Kelle Rue

“I grew up in Jupiter, married someone from Jupiter. I was talking to a girlfriend last month about how many couples we know that are married where both people are from Jupiter. We all went to Jupiter High school together. We are all now in our [mid-to-late 40s]. I think we named at least 10-12 couples. I’m sure there are more.”

— Kelle Rue

An Unexpected Sign 

Top photo by Jess Boardner

“Ian and I met on a blind date Feb. 24, 2016 through our friends Butch and Myles Rowley (Tequesta CC). …  He proposed at our neighbors Kevin and Linda Gallant’s home on the dock during the Jupiter Boat Parade in front of family and friends. He had his cousin, Aaron Gordon, and friends drive the [boat] starting at the Jupiter Yacht Club to ensure no one would see the boat and text me. I was in complete surprise, and we are over the moon! I would argue two people have never been more right for each other.”

— Brigid Strain

A New Year’s Vow 

Provided by Victoria Padilla

“Engaged in the Keys, found my wedding dress in Paris, as I am from there, and got married at St. Peter Catholic Church. Reception [was] at Abacoa Golf Club on New Year’s Eve!”

— Victoria Padilla

Pitch Perfect 

Provided by Lindsay Wallace

“My husband proposed to me after I threw out the first pitch during the Marlins’ annual night game during spring training at Roger Dean Stadium. We got married at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church and hosted our reception at sunset on The Majestic Princess, a chartered yacht out of Riviera Beach.”

— Lindsay Wallace 

Romantic State Of Mind 

Provided by Kayla Altiere

“My fiancé and I grew up and were raised in Ohio. We were formally introduced through a mutual friend, and that’s where our love story began. After dating a while, my fiancé was fortunate enough to apply and accept a position with the lovely town of Jupiter. My fiancé is not only the love of life, but he is my hero and role model for my 8-year-son, Anthony. We recently just got engaged overlooking downtown Miami. We love everything Florida and are planning our special day nowhere other than on the sandy beaches of Key West. We are sharing our love with our out-of-state families and hope they enjoy Florida just as much as we do!”

— Kayla Altiere


Editor’s note: Captions have been edited for brevity and clarity. 

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