Casa Gusto In West Palm Beach Offers Antiques, Art Pieces And More

Enter a world of global goods, unique antiques and intriguing art.

Step over the threshold of Casa Gusto and enter an enchanting world of antiques, artworks and found objects, an elegantly designed interior with an assemblage of items that caught the discerning eyes of co-proprietors Cris Briger and Charles Peed.

Together, the mother-son duo behind the interior design and antique firm brings together global goods as varied as Mexican Talavera pottery, paintings by Catharine Warren and 17th century furniture. Their West Palm Beach boutique is layered with one-of-a-kind curios and aesthetically pleasing pieces gathered from around the world that are both decorative and useful.

Shoppers can stop by to “get the gusto” and browse items only available from Casa Gusto to create a living space that reflects the personality of its inhabitants. Old and new, items at Casa Gusto run the gamut from vintage fabric cushions to hand-molded French ceramics to an assortment of beaded corals, tole flowers and Spanish lebrillo, as well as an extensive line of decorative papier-mâché; no item is in the store unless Briger would want to repurchase it for herself.

“Casa Gusto came about from a combined effort to bring what we really like to do [to the] public,” Peed explains. “We love hunting, inventing and telling ‘the story.’” Casa Gusto is best known for its curated look that’s not for everyone, but reflects a definite style, he says.

The boutique recently celebrated one full year in business since opening its doors in November 2018. Landing in West Palm Beach wasn’t on purpose, but Briger and Peed are enjoying the warehouse aspect of Georgia Avenue as well as the interest they’ve received from the local community.

They chose the name Casa Gusto to exude a sense of excitement and passion for the items within; the English language fails to provide a word that rightly captures what “gusto,” with its Latin love-language roots, signifies: a vibrant sense of taste and pleasure.

“Casa Gusto is a journey into the likes and loves of its proprietors—a bit like taking a trip and wanting to take part of it home,” Peed says.

Casa Gusto, 6316 Georgia Ave., West Palm Beach; 781.690.4797;

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