Charity Datebook FAQ’s

How can I submit an additional listing in Charity Datebook? Please contact our publisher, Tanya Lorigan, at

I’m having a problem with the website, and I can’t submit my listing. What do I do? Please contact Megan Roberts with any issues regarding the submission form on our website.

The photo for my listing isn’t ready. Can I still submit the listing? Yes, as long as you can send in the photo by the July 8 deadline to Megan Roberts at  Please include a note in the photo field that it is forthcoming.

Will this photo work? Please see our guidelines for photos here Listing Photo Specs.

I have a lot of information to mention in my listing. Can you fit all of this? We do our best to accommodate all of the information provided, however the listing must fit into the allotted ¼-page size. If the copy runs over, we will have to shorten it.

I already submitted my listing, but I have a change, an update, or additional information I need to have added in. How do I update it? Please send any changes, updates, or additional information that you need added to your listing to Megan Roberts at by the July 8 deadline. After the deadline passes, we cannot promise that we will be able to fit any changes that significantly alter the length of the listing.

How will I know that my listing has been accepted? You will receive a confirmation email after submitting your listing. In the rare case that PBMG is forced to cut your listing, you will be notified. Otherwise, a proof of your listing will be available to review in early August.

Why was this change made in the copy that I submitted for my listing? We edit the listings to comply with our internal Style Guide and the rules of grammar.

Can I add a new category in my listing? No. For consistency purposes, all of the information that appears in the listing must fall under the fields provided on the submission form.

Can I select where my listing will appear in the layout? No. The listings are arranged alphabetically.

In addition to my listing, how can I place an ad in the Jupiter/Stuart Charity Datebook? Please contact our publisher, Tanya Lorigan, at for rates and information.

How can I receive copies of the Jupiter/Stuart Charity Datebook? Each organization will receive one complimentary copy, which will be mailed to the address listed on the submission form. For rates on additional copies, please contact Marjorie Leiva at to arrange.