Moving with Purpose

Beth Elgort is dancing to the beat of her own drum—and changing lives in the process

Steve and Beth Elgort at their home in Palm Beach Gardens. Photo by Jason Nuttle
Steve and Beth Elgort at their home in Palm Beach Gardens. Photo by Jason Nuttle

Beth Elgort believes in the power of holistic healing. She’s a certified integrated nutritional health coach with a background in fitness and previously owned a private social work practice in Manhattan and Long Island. She’s also the founder and CEO of Mind, Music, and Movement Foundation for Neurological Disorders, a Palm Beach Gardens–based organization offering yoga, meditation, nutritional counseling, support groups, and much more to community residents living with neurodegenerative disease.

Elgort’s husband, Steve, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 11 years ago and is the inspiration behind the foundation. The couple moved away from New York to start a healthy lifestyle journey in Palm Beach Gardens, hoping to delay the progression of his Parkinson’s. Elgort says the goal of moving south was to find the best resources and specialists to help her husband thrive. The search eventually motivated her to start her own organization. “The social worker in me wanted to help not only my husband but also other people living with neurodegenerative disease,” she says.

Launched in February 2020, Mind, Music, and Movement initially offered only virtual programming because of the pandemic, but Elgort has since found a new home for the organization at Tropical Sands Christian Church in Palm Beach Gardens. The foundation’s programs have grown to include The Voices of Parkinson’s Chorus, which focuses on voice and facial muscles to improve confidence, volume, diction, and breath; Dance for Fluidity, designed to promote a creative, mind-body connection that can help delay the progression of neurodegenerative disease; and yoga and movement classes to help with balance, strength, core, stability, flexibility, and breathing.

Beth Elgort at home with her mini Labradoodle, Benny. Photo by Jason Nuttle
Beth Elgort at home with her mini Labradoodle, Benny. Photo by Jason Nuttle

“We believe in taking a multidisciplinary approach to helping [families who are living with] neurodegenerative disease,” says Elgort. “It’s not just about taking the medication. It’s about integrating different modalities that can help delay the progression of these diseases. Our approach addresses the whole person, including physical and mental well-being.”

Program offerings are also available for caregivers, seniors, and others in the community who are interested in increasing their mobility, promoting their health, or just looking to expand their support system and friendship with peers. “Socialization and mental health are critical to the senior population and for those caring for someone too,” says Elgort. “Our classes for caregivers and spouses are free. I honestly feel that our program is for everyone.”

Many locals utilize the programs on-site regularly, while others throughout the country join virtually. Elgort’s future plans include offering comprehensive, integrative programs that will bring together local physicians, social workers, health professionals, fitness specialists, and other experts to enhance the lives of those living with neurodegenerative disease.

“I hope it keeps building,” she says. “The love, nurturing, and laughter that occurs on a daily basis through Mind, Music, and Movement is beautiful to see. We’re about joy. We’re doing something meaningful for the community, and it’s wonderful.”  

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