Retired NFL Star Randal Hill Opens Up About Life After Football, Working As A Special Agent


WHO: Two-time University of Miami college football national champion, seven-year NFL veteran, former Miami Dolphins player and current District 24 Congressional candidate Randal Hill

WHAT: The berry and basil mojito, paired with the seared foie gras over an apple and sweet potato pancake with a balsamic demi-reduction, the mini steak fajitas, the seared scallops with a lemon beurre blanc sauce and the steamed Maine lobster bites over julienned vegetables.

WHERE: Polo Steaks & Seafood at The Colony Hotel, 155 Hammon Ave., Palm Beach / 561.655.5430 /

1) Growing up in Miami, then going on to win two national championships playing football at the University of Miami was: exciting, thrilling and overwhelming. At “The U” we were rock stars, but I had a responsibility to represent Dade County. Ultimately, my decision to attend the University of Miami fulfilled the wishes of both my parents and my grandparents.

2) Being the son of two public school educators in Miami-Dade County means: there’s no room to screw up. You are representing your family, even when you’re playing football. That’s their name on the back of my football jersey, and I still represent my parents to this day. I still ask permission from my parents before any major decision that I make.

3) After becoming the Miami Dolphins’ first-round draft pick in 1991, the first thing I bought once my contract was signed was: a dark blue Porsche 928 GT, so that I could feel like Batman. I love superheroes and comic books, and at the University of Miami we stood for truth, justice and the American way.

4) What most people don’t realize about becoming a special agent for the Department of Homeland Security is: that you have to live an upstanding life, that you have to be hyperactive and that you have to be able to write. Most people don’t realize that Homeland Security seizes more dope than the DEA, and more money than the IRS. You have to be high-speed, low-drag, bulletproof and invisible.

5) I made the decision to run for Florida’s District 24 Congressional seat because: the district is underserved, and the people deserve better. You have diverse communities, and they are all divided. No one helps each other anymore. We need to bring these communities back together once again.

6) Something I didn’t realize about the transition from law enforcement into the world of politics is: that politics is not nearly as sterile an environment as law enforcement is. In law enforcement, nine times out of 10 you know who’s with you and who’s against you. In politics, someone who is your friend today may be against you tomorrow.



Berry and Basil Mojito

10-12 muddled fresh strawberries and raspberries

2 slices of lime

4-6 basil leaves

2 oz. Malibu Red

Simple syrup to taste

Ice cubes

1-2 oz. of soda water

In a shaker, mix the berries, lime, simple syrup, basil leaves, Malibu Red and ice. Shake well and pour into a tall, frosted glass. Top with soda water.

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