The Leader of Psychiatry & Public Health


Organization : Open Sea Institute

Name : Louis T. Joseph, M.D.

With a background in education and leadership at the George Washington University School of Medicine, Henry Ford Health System and within The Mayo Clinic Care Network, Dr. Joseph’s work is both patient-centered and public health focused. Dr. Joseph’s newest venture, Open Sea Institute, marries his solid, results driven psychiatric approach to technology that breaks down barriers.

Open Sea Institute, which offers a wide array of telepsychiatry services, takes clients from the brave exploration of their underlying issues to deep and holistic healing. OSI facilitates this journey from the comfort of clients’ homes, offices, jets or hotel rooms.

Calling Palm Beach home but traveling between residences himself, Dr. Joseph was an early adopter of the telehealth model, respecting its unique ability to facilitate the person-to-person connection on a humane level and was determined to develop a service that delivers world-class psychiatry with stigma-free flexibility.

Moreover, at Open Sea Institute, Dr. Joseph devotes a portion of proceeds to projects benefiting pediatric and adult public health and wellness, keeping the organization public health conscious and active, a priority for Dr. Joseph who has a history of delivering high impact solutions to large populations in Florida.

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