Zen & Gritty Does it All

Three local women share their home DIY adventures

Playroom Shiplap Wall DIY by Zen & Gritty
Playroom shiplap wall DIY

A housekeeper, a nanny, and a stay-at-home-mom walk into a bar…. Well, we didn’t actually meet in a bar,” jokes Katie Humphrey, cofounder of Jupiter-based home DIY brand Zen & Gritty. Humphrey was pregnant with her second child when she hired a housekeeper, Kristina Neitzel, and later, a nanny, Cassidy Russell. “We were together in my house so frequently, we eventually formed a special bond,” she says. 

Katie Humphrey, Kristina Neitzel, Cassidy Russell of Zen & Gritty
Katie Humphrey, Kristina Neitzel, Cassidy Russell of Zen & Gritty

“When COVID forced everyone into quarantine, I started noticing ugly and dysfunctional areas of my home,” she continues. She wanted to renovate but had zero experience. Luckily, her employees-turned-friends were there to pitch in. What started out as a single shiplap wall turned into four, “and that led to two custom barn doors, three bedroom makeovers, a full master bathroom renovation, a kitchen and laundry room overhaul, and an indoor two-story playhouse with a slide,” says Humphrey.

Having done everything from custom drywall and tile installations to built-ins
and lighting fixtures, the trio are now seasoned remodelers documenting their home DIY adventures on Instagram. Says Humphrey: “Zen & Gritty features our endless projects and unique team, as well as the life and friendship we share together in Jupiter.”

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