An Inside Look At Wyatt Ingraham Prints


Wyatt Koch put on his first designer suit at age 15 and never looked back. The Yves Saint Laurent black with white pinstripes ensemble was the start of his obsession with fashion that led to his menswear label, Wyatt Ingraham. 

The brand, Koch’s namesake, was created two years ago when he saw a void in the men’s dress shirts industry. 

“I love color and pop art so I wanted to create something not seen in stores, true works of art,” Koch says. 

As CEO and chief designer of the label, Koch has a never-ending list of pattern ideas on his iPhone. He’s inspired every day by the things he sees, experiences he has and people he interacts with. With style icons including Emilio Pucci, Etro and Robert Graham, Koch’s shirt patterns include multicolored palm trees, money bags, watches, fishing hooks and shamrocks. His favorite is the magenta handcuffs design with keys as the details on the cuffs. 

The brand encompasses the true Palm Beach lifestyle with its whimsical, tropical flair that targets confident men who have a sense of humor. 

The 31-year-old entrepreneur works with an exclusive team of six to take his designs from conception to the rack in a selection of long and short sleeve options.

“I feel it’s my responsibility to bring new ideas to the table and produce a wonderful, creative, fun product for people,” he says. “My company culture is productive, pleasant and very creative. I want everyone to not be afraid to express ideas.”

Wyatt Ingraham is debuting its newest line of dress shirts this month. Koch and lead designer, Sofia Name, wanted to elevate the brand’s second line and did so by testing more than 60 fabrics from around the world to find the perfect, most refined choice—a luxurious Venetian cotton. The shirts are all made in the U.S. at one of the oldest remaining New York City Fashion District factories. 

Count on bright, flashy and colorful prints including a special camouflage pattern inspired by Koch’s 450-acre ranch in Okeechobee. The property, aptly named Wonderland, is a place where Koch retreats on Sundays with friends to play paintball, race dune buggies and do some skeet shooting.

When he’s not at Wonderland, Koch may be spending time with his dad, William Koch. As the son of the billionaire mogul, Koch may lead a lavish life, but in addition to designing his wearable masterpieces, he’s also a dedicated philanthropist, donating a percentage of Wyatt Ingraham sales to local charities. 

He’s also personally involved with The Arc of Palm Beach County and supports the non-profit’s signature WILD Pants Party. This year, he’ll be vying to keep his crown as “King of WILD Pants” for the third year in a row. Koch also supports Place of Hope, a foster care organization located in Palm Beach Gardens. 

Next on Koch’s agenda is to introduce pocket squares, bow ties, swimwear and even women’s wear into his line. Currently, Wyatt Ingraham is only available online, but the brand is planned to be released in Worth Avenue boutiques and local resorts soon.

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