At Becky Fin’s Picnic Fashion, Vintage Tablecloths And Dining Accessories Make Eating Outdoors A Stylish Event


Thanks to West Palm Beach’s Picnic Fashion boutique, we can all master the art of the picnic.

Picnic is a state of mind. This is according to Becky Finn, owner and founder of West Palm Beach’s Picnic Fashion located in the historic Gardenia Building on Olive Avenue. From the pink property bordered with floor-to-ceiling windows, she sells vintage tablecloths, romantic picnic baskets and accessories in arrangements that could’ve hopped off a Pinterest board. To Finn, picnicking is a therapeutic way to unwind and entertain friends and family.

The pro picnicker

The idea came to Finn while she was sitting on her deck in Cape Cod looking out at the ocean. “I love to entertain, but I never wanted to use my good stuff outdoors,” she says. Realizing $1-a-piece plastic wear from run-of-the-mill home goods stores were usually the only outdoor dining options, Finn decided to fill the void. The University of Miami graduate gained retail experience when she and her husband were living in NYC. He was furthering his music career at The Juilliard School, while she worked with brands like Bloomingdale’s and Victoria’s Secret. For a change of pace, the couple left the city for the Massachusetts shore, where Finn launched her company, Picnic Fashion, in 2010. After moving back to South Florida, Finn had been eyeing the storefront in the old downtown building for months before finally spotting a “for sale” sign. She moved into the space in late October.

Pinterest comes to life

The shop is arranged with staged picnic scenes for all types of hosts. During a visit in January, one setup included an elegant mix of plastic and vintage plates spread across a 1940s tablecloth next to a picnic camper equipped with glasses, a small cooler and bottle of wine. Another table offered a colorful spread with a margarita shaker and picnic cooler on wheels. The shop also sells books, gift items and bar accessories.

Something for everyone

Finn is redefining the way customers think of picnicking. While offering settings for a day on the boat, at the beach or by the pool can be assumed, Finn also offers the idea to host a nontraditional family dinner on the living room carpet, or a Mother’s Day picnic in bed. Between accessories and picnic trolleys, prices can range from $10 to $1,000, making the store browse-worthy for all shoppers. Finn has also noticed that window shoppers fancy her space. “I have nose prints [on the glass] every morning,” she says.

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