Curate Boutique Puts Charm, Manners and Values Into Every Product It Sells


Curate. It’s selecting items among a large number of possibilities for other people to view and enjoy. It’s also the name of the North Palm Beach boutique started by Kerry Diaz, a lawyer, lobbyist and Quantum Foundation president-turned boutique owner in 2014.

After leaving her spot with the health foundation, she made more time for her kids and delved into her hobby of fashion. “[Fashion has] been in my blood for a long time,” she says. 

With her extensive background, Diaz feels as if she’s lived through several lifetimes, but each path has been for a purpose. “The common thread is all of it was doing stuff that I thought would help people or make a difference,” she says.  

Giving Back

What’s special about Curate is that almost every brand sold in-store benefits a charity or supports fair trade and the continuation of hand-crafted goods. “Giving back and doing the right thing is kind of embedded in me,” Diaz says.” We’re supporting American production. It’s shopping that you can always feel good about.”

Curate lives up to its name as Diaz keeps each of her designers on file at the store for shoppers to learn the story behind who is creating the merchandise, where it’s produced and how they give back to society. 

The Looks

Embroidered GAIA purses handmade by refugee women who are resettled in Dallas are available for purchase. They’re designed with vintage, artisan-made and sustainable fabrics. A handwritten tag with the person’s name is kept inside each bag to know exactly who created the special purchase. 

Amour Vert, a sustainable company in California, plants a tree for every T-shirt sold, while Nashelle donates a plate of food for every piece of jewelry that is bought. And while shopping to benefit others is enough to make a purchase at Curate, you’ll want to continue after taking a peek at the selection. 

Find maxi dresses, tanks and denim in assorted styles from preppy to edgy. Shop the aviator brand, Randolph, along with other stylish handcrafted accessories that make for fabulous gifts.

Plus, round up your gal pals and host your next gathering with Curate. Sip and snack while privately shopping for a memorable evening. “We have unique and one-of-a-kind selections, offer a warm, welcoming atmosphere, offer complimentary styling, and you can feel great about how and where all of our pieces are produced,” Diaz says. 

At press time, Curate was planning to relocate to a remodeled space on US Highway 1 in North Palm Beach.

Curate Clothing + Accessories / 11350 US Highway 1, North Palm Beach / 561.822.3747 /

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