Lobster Mini Season Kicks Off

Lobster mini season begins today. Don’t miss the 48-hour opportunity to catch these delicious crustaceans.

Jupiter Dive Center hosts numerous lobster dives during mini season.

As July gives way to August, Florida opens its doors to divers in search of one of the ocean’s true delicacies: Caribbean spiny lobster. With a range throughout Florida’s waters, spiny lobster have made a habit of calling Jupiter’s deeper reefs home. For many, that means lobster is on the menu come season, August 6 to March 31, with the two-day bonanza mini season falling July 29-30 this year. No boat? No problem—Jupiter Dive Center has you covered. Offering three lobster- specific dive charters a day for mini season (one three-tank and two two-tank dives), the center’s two 40-foot boats put divers on the rocky beds that bugs love to inhabit. The two-day mini season allows lobster lovers to grab some before the commercial outfits begin pulling traps, while double-bagging limits to 12 lobsters per diver a day for Palm Beach County. Jupiter Dive also runs lobster-specific charters throughout the season for those who can’t make mini season. Divers must have a saltwater fishing license and a lobster stamp. $90/two-tank dive (per person), $132/three- tank dive

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