Local Jupiter Residents Create Non-Staining, Eco-Friendly Sunscreen Specifically for Fishermen


Fishermen spend their days outdoors, under the hot sun for hours at a time. When they come back to shore, they often notice yellow or copper-like stains on their clothing and boat’s surfaces. Where do the stains come from?

Their sunscreen.

Laurie Green and McCay Green, Jupiter-based anglers, noticed this exact problem on their boat and set out to find a solution. They created Sportsman Shield, a mineral-based, broad spectrum sunscreen that is fish-friendly, fast-acting and doesn’t leave stains on clothing or boats.

The sunscreen’s formula is designed to begin working immediately upon application, instead of having to wait for the sunscreen to absorb into the skin, like most chemical-based formulas.

“We worked for over a year with a chemist to come up with a perfect formula that would give the ultimate amount of sun protection and also perform on the boat for fishermen, being eco-friendly, water resistant and having an instant dry-touch technology,” Laurie Green says.

Sportsman Shield has been clinically tested to be non-staining and is comprised of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, with dry-touch technology. The company says the product will not leave residue on hands and will not wash away with sweat.

Sportsman Shield is available at tackle shops and marinas. For a list of retailers, click here. The sunscreen can also be purchased online.

Photos courtesy of Sportsman Shield

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