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Make your next luggage purchase an investment that fits your travel needs with help from Luggage & More.

To most, a suitcase is a place to store socks and a toothbrush during travel. But to Lee Rosenfeld, it’s a 32-year career. Since Luggage & More opened in July, he’s worked as the regional manager to open eight stores between Miami and Orlando including its Palm Beach store, located on the first floor of The Garden’s Mall.

Upon store entry, shoppers discover a maze of luggage displays. There to provide navigational support is Rosenfeld. He explains that the store is sectionalized by brand, and that each brand meets a different traveler’s agenda.

The Average Traveler

For those who make two or three trips per year, Rosenfeld suggests a Samsonite bag. With low travel demands, these bags can last years and for prices as low as $100. Rosenfeld also points out Lipault Paris luggage, which he says appeals most to women. The brand often takes on a duffle-bag style with soft and colorful materials. And for younger, or more casual travelers, Rosenfeld suggests the Kipling backpacks. The brand is named for English author Rudyard Kipling, who wrote The Jungle Book – hence the monkey key chains attached to each bag. Lipault and Kipling bags cost between $60 and $280

The Frequent Traveler

Those who travel about once every month need a bag that’s a bit more durable. Rosenfeld moves to a platform that hosts the Victorinox brand. Some “Jeopardy” knowledge – the same company that crafts these suitcases also built the Original Swiss Army Knife. Victorinox bags range from $200 to $600

The Advanced Traveler

Business travelers who make 20-plus trips each year need a bag even more reliable. Rosenfeld says there’s nothing like Rimowa or Tumi bags, which incorporate resilient but lightweight materials to ensure travelers can pack as much as they need without exceeding weight limits. Most also include thoughtfully engineered pockets for packing suits or dresses, and use four-wheel spinners to provide ideal mobility. Both lines range between $500 and $1,500

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